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  1. bro how do you do the sky walk with dashing and a.h in midair?

  2. osrs can feel boring though i do like the skilling of it but its not gonna be par up with wow

  3. It's a very different game. Basically virtual gambling with ur time or mindless grinding the same shit for literally hundreds of hours per skill

  4. i mean its good if you like it but its not for me

  5. Nah i switched to apex and last week wow classic lol osrs got boring a while ago. I will admit i enjoyed the time i spent with that game tho. Great feeling when you set your mind to something and finally make it happen, especially if it takes a month or two.

  6. For reference; the video is edited. The OP has been told this, but refuses to correct their mistake.

  7. This isn't trolling. It's a malicious misrepresentation of what she said to make her sound like she's endorsing slave labour.

  8. spreading misinformation on the internet is always based

  9. I'm thinking you might want to avoid parenting then.

  10. on pc yeah for sure if you're going to play during peak hours (4-10 est). most of the complaining about the game comes from xbox players

  11. valheim has a pretty good building system, can get really creative with it and make some truly impressive towns and structures

  12. can't call a character my main unless their face is a twisted abomination

  13. solution: add a symbol above your characters head that shows if you're using a controller so m&k players know to take it easy on them

  14. I know that this is a troll about the last panel, but I don't get why you date someone 19 times, let alone a 2nd date if you have such a bad reaction during the 1st one

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