1. 4 points. .5 each time you follow procedure, 1-2 points if you don’t.

  2. Report that immediately ain’t no way I’m delivering food to someone who threatens me like that

  3. Wait so you can’t do that? Or is it just water only? I was told we could get water

  4. Both of the deli managers told me we could on my first day working in the deli. Lol

  5. Every associate will fill out a survey, but a meeting about it will be a person or manager from each department.

  6. My store is relatively new and we have POURS. A couple of the smoothies are delicious but I haven’t had a chance to try the açaí bowls. Definitely will do once I get the February gift card.

  7. Tried to find you but nothing came up, I send back asap $Florentino97

  8. Anyone on lending? My loan hadn’t been funded I’m Christina s. And my score is 67

  9. Know of an employee with a long rap sheet for theft and identify fraud. Still with Publix. Even after being busted stealing multiple times from Publix.

  10. The person is still with the company. They didn’t anything except encourage them to transfer districts. So this person is just getting passed around between stores. Meanwhile said person is a massive bully as well to other associates. (They’re a regular non-management associate.)

  11. Sorry I’m not trying to hijack but is there a group that I can get help with that doesn’t have karma requirements because I don’t have a lot of karma

  12. Send me a spot me boost $Malachi-Lanham and I got you

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