We have 900+ street rescues at sara morocco, here are just a few of our amazing puppers

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  1. My daughter died from als. this was her last wish also. Is playing in the ocean a conmen last wish?

  2. Isn't that the purpose of these military company's. To take heat off there home country's.

  3. Taiwan can afford the weapon's the US has for sale. Ukraine wants a hand out. Kick a gift horse in the mouth

  4. Did you clean it up. doesn't look like aluminum after its been in salt water. is it heavy

  5. Looks like a white ash. I would think if you do cut it out, fertilize and water, It should be ok.

  6. Next it should be for homelessness. There's a reason most overdoses on the street happen in December. Its a choice of freezing or checking out

  7. What would they even equip them with? There are still reports of how the current numbers don't have enough weapons, radios, food, socks, etc.

  8. When wwII started the US was not equipped. US was still flying biplanes. By 1943 US was launching a ship every day. Planes were state of the art rolling out by the hundreds. When Russia is fully mobilized for war and not being attacked at home This will just go on and on.

  9. US already sold them the bunker busters to do the job. It's just a matter of time.

  10. I like the Queets a little better. Not as visited. Ford the river and hike thru old growth up to the big stump

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