1. Just a heads up, those "Exhale" bags are bunk. They don't nearly produce enough co2 to even read a difference let alone have any effect on the plant.

  2. Right. Yeah I bought em. And they said they’d be good for 6 months. So I’m just letting them hang out at least for some closure 💀

  3. Far left is strawberry banana. Center is gorilla punch. And the two on the right are mephisto, front is wedding and back is a strawberry nuggets cross

  4. Tbh. FastBuds are exploding and dominating the tent rn. Will have to see once flowers start stacking!!

  5. They are stretching, looks sharp

  6. Yeah they are hopefully about done at this point. This is my second run in a diy ebb an flow system. My first yielded 1lb dried trim buds and 2 is of trim from 3 auto flowers. This is 6 auto flowers in my re vamped system

  7. Nice setup. Those plants are looking really good but from some of the photos, it seems to me youre experiencing some deficiency. It might just be that the light is super intense at the very top, because the lower potions look great except for the tip burn. You’re clearly pushing them. So I’m not exactly sure. But those girls a damn near perfect. Nice work!

  8. Hey thanks. You are correct. I lowered the cal mag and I believe in experiencing some calcium deficiency coupled with them stretching so radically and me needing to lower the intensity of the lighting lol. They are definitely being pushed for sure. Thanks again for your comment!!

  9. Such a lame problem….lol. Big beautiful girls and yet no space. Amazing results thus far

  10. Do green light jars come with any seals? Yesterday was my first time purchasing and I’m just trying to see what the standard is. Mine didn’t have a seal under the black lid. Should there be one?

  11. Hey I actually work in the industry and the greenlight brand flower does not contain seals on their jars. Some company’s do have seals on theirs. But not all.

  12. Beautiful tent my friend. Looks great fr my next experiment is making fem auto seeds using sts cuz seeds are a bit pricey I got 3 Mephisto strains coming for that I’m excited for it.

  13. Absolutely and thank you. I’ve worked really hard on this system and just I’m really proud of my girls here! I’m kinda all in as far as this goes. I work in the industry. Gave everything to be accepted as who I am, lost family, going through a divorce, but. My plants are thriving, work accepts me because I’m in the industry and we just get each other. Just have to get my family on board now. The world is coming along I feel, we’re getting closer

  14. No trust me I feel that. Allot of people don’t like me bc I grow but fail to understand health benefits of such a beautiful plant. It’s sad it’s got such a rep honestly.

  15. View my profile. See how I vented mine in a similar set up. I used the packing styrofoam from my 2 6 in carbon filters and built a window vent and using carbon filters / venting both tents outside!

  16. Hey the left are FastBuds Strawberry banana, center is FastBuds Gorilla Punch and the right side is up front my last Mephisto Wedding bean, and a freebie Strawberry Nuggets x Samsquantch x Skywalker og

  17. Damn bro they gonna be huge by the time they finish fasho!! One of the healthiest and vigorous looking setups I’ve seen. Would you mind shootin me the details on your diy setup bc your ladies look amazing💯💯

  18. Hey I appreciate it man! I for really would love to share the details. I really think I’m onto something with this system. The ease of all of it is impressive. Cleaning is a breeze. All of it. Maintains ph with minimal rises. I want to share this with the world. I’ve tested two different styles thus far. First system I got 400g of dry, trimmed buds. 2oz of trim. I need someone kinda investor ready to take the plunge to help me get this to market man! Hopefully with due time.

  19. Fastbuds is white label. Why waste time and tent space growing grifter product?

  20. Eh. I’ve had really good results with both genetics. And just wanted to grow what I had. And test out my new system. The end results have never been anything short of amazing with both companies tbh.

  21. One is literally a faking company stealing real breeders intellectual property and hiding out over seas. You aren’t getting what you think you’re buying, and there is a very good chance that not every seed in the pack is even the same strain. I just refuse to support those kind of companies, and won’t run their products even if they are freebies. It’s something I feel just ain’t right when a lot of the real breeders over here aren’t making ends meet.

  22. Is that how you always have your co2 bags?

  23. Not necessarily no. Tbh. I don’t think they’re necessary at all. But. I bought them so I placed them to where I would hope the co2 would semi fall over the plants currently.

  24. Nice work what’s your light setup

  25. Currently in this tent I’ve got 2 maxsisun on 1500 150w full spectrum, and one Spider-Farmer se3000 300w full spectrum led.

  26. Seeing your setup actually inspired me to make my own, but I wanted it with a smaller footprint in my tent. I only have two boxes, one is the reservoir on the outside of the tent, and then the actual grow box in the tent with a single 5 gallon fabric pot in it. I have a pump in the grow box to get the water out, and a pump in the reservoir to get the water in. Water level sensors and an arduino do the rest. I'm testing a Photoperiod in mine. So far so good!

  27. Bro this is exactly why I’ve posted things. To help others! I wish you the best of luck and so far in seeing the best growth I’ve ever seen with autoflowers. It’s truly amazing to make something yourself. Then see it in action!!

  28. Marvelous. That’s what she is 😂. Unfortunately I don’t know. She was part of a mephisto mystery mix.

  29. Nice!! Looks like some really solid nugs. Did you top her? Show us your ebb and flow.

  30. Hey. If you actually check my profile my YouTube is linked there. You can see more of the ebb an flow on there. Thanks again

  31. I’m on my first grow too but this looks 🔥🔥🔥 well done!

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