I have a theory that when Archegos blew up they were long on GME, that they battled with Citadel on March 10th 2021, lost and were consequently destroyed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and the rest of the DTCC with them crashing the price of their long positions

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Great hypothesis. But why would they keep it secret? If Archegos was net long, why not make it public, sell all their GME positions and dump the price all at once while creating a ton of panic? Why is Credit Suisse still seemingly holding the bag and bleeding from the Archegos debacle? Too many questions.

  2. Shorting would actually be profitable in the current economic climate.

  3. Not profitable if you shorted gme when it was at 5$ presplit. They were can kicking because they though that by now we would have desisted. We haven't and they r fuk

  4. What are you hiding in those bags Credit Suisse? Why don't you show us? Any ruinous naked short position?

  5. Well if you sell 100 shares of a dead company worth zero to your buddy for 700 each, thats 70,000%. Now since you already own a million shares worth nothing, suddenly its worth 700 million and you can use it as collateral. Its the jackasses that accept this collateral that's scary to me.

  6. Maybe they swap these positions with some other stuff. And then swap those with something different, maybe a little extra swap on top that and voilà! Freshly baked collateral clean as a whistle.😙👌

  7. The problem with this idea is the ledger is public we can all see the sales and when they process on the chain… so how do they hide it? The market is in a free fall the last few months because of interest rates on loaning going way up. When people can’t get loaned money they start selling assets to pay for things and prices on those assets go down accordingly. This is economics basics not rocket science guys.

  8. Even with a public ledger we can't really see or analyze the real volume that exchanges like coinbase manage. The only way to avoid this is with a huge voluntary effort in transparency for their part or with decentralized exchanges. But I get it. I'm just stating that what OP is stating is probably happening. How much is it affecting prices at the moment? No idea. Are people selling regardless of this issue? Probably.

  9. It is happening in the stock market legally. I ask again, why would it not be happening in the crypto maket when it has even less regulation? I assure you coinbase and binance are "creating liquidity" when they see fit.

  10. This is beautiful, hope you find the artist

  11. Idk what to tell you then, btw her problem is that the mandible is too forward, in an unnatural position

  12. Her mandible is the correct position, her maxilla is recessed. Her under eye zone is absolutely flat. She has no eye support whatsoever.

  13. If she hadn’t eye support, she wouldn’t have that shape of eyes . Moreover look at Prognatism on Google and you will find results similar to this case

  14. Have you looked at the second picture?

  15. Just look at a 3 month and a 3 year graph and compare to the 6 month graph you show.

  16. Yeah it is the difference in volume what causes this. But so what. The reality is that OBV is showing a huge positive inflow of volume in those spikes and almost no outflow despite price plummeting. So yeah. That´s part of the picture and not a simple distortion. It shows they can drop the price with a fraction of the volume that we need to push it up. And that overall there has been a positive inflow of volume that is not being reflected on the price.

  17. They might be hidden but the naked short positions that they had in place when gamestop was 5$ are not closed and are most of them. After the split to make those profitable they need to push the price to 1$. Good luck. Their unrealized losses are still out of this fucking world. They are not fighting to make a profit at this point, they are fighting for their lives.

  18. Ask the BBBY holders. $26 -> $6. He completely took the wind away of this run.

  19. Dude he bought in February and March and said fucking nothing about BBBY. How can he be responsible for the August run? He didn't said a word. The push for bbby came out of nowhere last month from the bets subreddit

  20. It was a short squeeze play. RC was not responsible for the run up. I never claimed that. However his sell immensely helped SHF to stay afloat.

  21. How can he be responsible for the run up?? He bought in February a nobody gave a shit then. In August, out of nowhere the bets subreddit started pushing the bbby play using RC name all over. How can it be his fault? I have posts from then alerting people that the bbby push wasn't natural. It was fishy af

  22. The problem is that they never closed their positions back in 2021, they just hid them. They were naked shorting GME when in was 5$ per share. Their losses are fucking astronomical and the only way to survive this is to keep shorting to control the price. They are trapped and scared fighting for their lives. If they stop the fight, all the wealth they have accumulated and everything they have worked for for decades would evaporate. Imagine being in their shoes. That's why things will get uglier. Their real problem is the we are seeing through the bullshit and it cost us nothing to keep holding. We have little to lose and everything to gain. A nightmarish scenario for them

  23. I think it affects a lot. Part of bone development depends on bone pressure. The most important force that is constantly affecting our bodies since birth is gravity and our skeletons have evolved with that in mind. Depending on how your neck is positioned the forces applied to your skull by gravity can change quite drastically. This might sound trivial, but constant force applied for a lifetime, 24/7 makes a difference. On top of that the forces of your own bite or the tongue also are applied differently depending on neck position. So yes. Forward head posture has a huge effect on the pressures that our skulls endure and that incentivize bone growth.

  24. Bone development responds to muscle development. That's why in people with paralyzed legs their leg bones literally shrink and why athletes tend to have greater bone density and better structure. So the short answer is yes. Calisthenics will stimulate your body to build better bone structure all around. The younger and dedicated you are, the greater effect it will have.

  25. If he plans to acquire BBBY for Gmerica the last thing he need is a price pump. It could be why the old subreddit started pumping it 2 weeks ago. To make it unafordable

  26. Look at Elon, all the money and all he does and help people.

  27. Look at Ken Griffin, Jeff Yass and all the other wall street leeches. They are sucking America's wealth without producing anything and don't seem to have enough. If fact the more they steal the more they seem to want.

  28. How could RC’s sale of 9 million shares have such a dramatic effect on the price when 360 million shares traded in one day… answer: it can’t

  29. It only had effect once became públic he had sold. The whole mantra of the bbby move was that RC had calls at 70 and 80.

  30. I think it was like popcorn after their run to $80. The hedge funds were all net short on the stock and were eventually able to switch to be long and let it run. They then turned it into a swap with GME.

  31. This makes a lot of sense. You might be right

  32. why would RC buy INTO a swap in the first place... GME would have run when they de-coupled them and turned it into a swap anyways... Theory just doesn't hold water, you're reaching a bit.

  33. He bought months ago before there was any potential swap. In fact he just sold

  34. Same problem it's had for years, the management.

  35. It isn't just mismanagement. What they are doing is deliberate. The board is in bed with institutional short to destroy the company from within.

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