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how i separated my bed in my one room apartment.

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  1. Ya I’ve never had anything weird happen lol I used to use 4.056 when I called and spoke to tech support I just downloaded what they sent me I have a long running account with them and have only ever had pharmaceutical models it took me a few days to get to my shop and upload it after I did it’s been nothing but problems I responded to the original email hopefully they get back to me soon this is rather frustrating I’m very grateful I still have my old units I’ve never experienced this before

  2. It’s not just about scamming. Using software that isn’t from HR can have code adjustments (like for bubble hash etc) and using this third party software may not hurt your machine but immediately voids your warranty.

  3. Thanks for this answer. That makes more sense. I was under the impression they don't share some of the past releases.

  4. this. I'm surprized more and more people seem to be so affraid of overwatering they straight up forget underwatering is a thing too

  5. I think a lot of people try to take their house plant knowledge and don't really bother researching how this plant is different.

  6. Man, I am missing out on running JOMO.

  7. Flower rosin has too many contaminates for it to work well. As much as you would like to make carts, from my personal experience - don't start the journey unless you are really serious about it and have cash to burn learning.

  8. Oh my, I tried to find a link but one said to put the sugar in the oven to evaporate the alcohol... Please do not!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks a ton for explaining! Ive been planning to this. Anything special needed for storage? Fridge or freezer or just on a shelf like normal sugar?

  10. Have you explored DMZ? What you described as your playstyle is perfect for it.

  11. FYI went back up and reordered each of them this is technically my second 8th and gram straight 🔥…stoned to the bone from the rosin fr

  12. Glad you are liking the black hole sun!

  13. The rstio deoends on cured vs. Fresh frozen. A 5 gallon machine maxes out at 1000grams fresh frozen and 250g cured. I prefer 750g fresh frozen washes in a work bag.

  14. Hopefully today provides the space for you to clear your head and feel grateful and thankful for your parents.

  15. Cant really know until you go to wash it. I had this happen and it turned out fine but likely affected yield.

  16. I feel like when I stir the smell just explodes. Idk I could be trippin.

  17. You're not trippin, you're releasing terps. I love to stir and smell, haha.

  18. Immediate rejection for most creative directors.

  19. 50f will probably go up to 70f with all the lights and humidity from your grow. Next summer Ill be scaling back because it was too costly during the summer months and a complete nightmare fighting humidity and temp levels for me.

  20. So it depends what you have access to. If you already have some live rosin and an empty cart, you only need to heat cure your rosin. I did it at 150*f for 3 days and then poured it into an empty cart, thats it.

  21. 3 days?! Holy cow. I don't have a solid 150f heat source and my oven only goes down to 170f so i only decarb for 1.5-2 hours.

  22. What they pay attention to is consistency. I had a friend in college get caught but it was only after 2 years of consistent 2 week shipments to the same locations of 5 lbs of flower or more.

  23. Preach!! Just had a guy ask me to wash 5 year old shake. I told him "it probably won't yield anything" he says "oh bro it will. it will." i'm like... dude you have never ever made hash in your life. How can you be so confident

  24. Right?! "Oh dude, I KNOW this is gonna dump" - if i had a nickel....

  25. If even 45%, bro we'd get 30% off dry ice (in bubble man bags???) green ass poop hash made 0 sense but my buddy "knew wtf he was doing" "don't waste ur time with those methods" "this is fast and we get some AMAZING rosin"

  26. Oof... Ive yet to see dry ice hash that I would smoke personally, lol.

  27. I've made a lot of mistakes getting started but I highly recommend pushing this plant through as a learning opportunity. Otherwise its likely you will continue to have similar issues.

  28. I’m riding it out! Gave the first dose of my 3 part at 1/2 dose plus added cal mag and algae. And I watered until runoff

  29. Sounds like you got it under control!

  30. This is the most impressive dry sift that I have seen!

  31. Grape cream cake is literally some of the best rosin ever. Like grape big league chew

  32. This makes me happy reading this. Currently hunting 12 from seed from Bloom Seed Co.

  33. I go through about a 1/4 ounce of flower a month, a one gram cart every 4-6 weeks, and a gram of concentrate every 6-8 weeks. I don’t think I use enough to justify growing my own. I want to as a hobby, but I don’t know that I consume enough to justify a full home grow.

  34. Do you have friends or family with medical cards that you could cultivate for? I hage 2 patients and dont need to use even 50% off my legal plant count to meet all of our needs.

  35. If you get the cult license can you sell to med people or are you gifting it?

  36. You cannot sell to peoppe with medical cards but you canlegally accept donations from registered patients. You can have up to 3 patients with yourself being one of them. So i have 2 patients and myself.

  37. Everytime I see a breakup lead to this it makes me think the woman was super jealous of the attention the plants were getting over her in the relationship.

  38. The official discord for this game is full of garbage people and the beginner channels are full of high level ass hats that make fun of beginners.

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