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  1. That’s the women’s bike where is the men’s oscillating seat?

  2. Think about it, us Americans have been brainwashed since birth that communism is bad and our capitalist so called democracy is the best system in the world.

  3. Child labor and paying people .07¢ an hour is how. You willing to work for basically free? If not fuck off

  4. Karen who is complaining about dogs has some big puppies of her own

  5. Man these companies are gonna find the fuck out why there shits being pirated you can only push a person so far.

  6. And the more piracy is done, the more it’s costs everyone else

  7. Fake news GameStop came out and said this is false

  8. It's crazing in the gel coat. Read about fixing gel coat for boats, it's the same stuff.

  9. Lmao I forgot about this thank you for your service!

  10. Bro just come through there’s no hate up here we all want to see tommy do well and will welcome you with open arms. Unless you are wearing a half pats half bucs Brady jersey… don’t do that up here lol

  11. I have an 06 that I'm going to drive into the ground. Only problem is that it only has 145k so it's going to take forever!

  12. Assistant regional manager on a left hiking boot?

  13. Possession. Across the goal line. Down by contact with his left knee before the ball hits the ground.

  14. I could understand no touchdown, as long as it was a catch as the half yard line. The refs really picked a favorite tonight though.

  15. This is exactly what I told my wife. How the fuck was this not a completion at the very least at the 1/2 yard line

  16. We put up 33 on a great D in prime time. Amazing.

  17. I’m just a salty pats fan. Y’all played better deserved to win. Special teams fucked it for us and I can’t even be mad at Jefferson he is the real deal. It’s literally like watching randy moss in his prime.

  18. More time with Mac and he will pump those numbers up

  19. He’s fucking good that part doesn’t bother me

  20. NY football teams and losing on last minute punts. Name a more iconic duo.

  21. They said if I buy all 12 they will mark them each as $425….

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