1. 15 minutes!! Goodness gracious. That's just splendid. /s

  2. Am I the only one that hate when people mention "value" when it comes to microtransactions?

  3. I think it's fairly easy to determine value with items in the shop. For example Remote Raid Passes.

  4. I love myself some nice XP so I always host those kind of raids :) Even better if I can help people by doing so.

  5. The thing i hate about hosting raids for the extra XP is that people delete me as a friend before i can catch the raid boss and then i get no XP when i return to the map view.

  6. And we just went from "Cool - we'll play this. I've got enough to work with here" to "Drop a bunch of stardust for a week's worth of play? Nah."

  7. When Ultra League stopped, I decided to take a 2 week break. For the exact reasons you mentioned above.

  8. So the team I built with the previously estblished rules is now fully ineligible? No warning or heads up that this was bugged? I and many other players are just out dust and candy now? Cool

  9. Answer to question: Yes, phone performance still matters.

  10. I love how the “Master raid” box has less raid passes than the ultra raid box…

  11. I don't know what's happened over the last 2 years but someone new is in charge of these boxes and they have absolutely no idea what they doing.

  12. I am the opposite, do only forced updates. It takes less than 5 minutes even with 4G.

  13. Mobile Data is fairly expensive in Africa. I only have 350mb to use for the whole month. So I can't waste 100mb of that updating the app while I'm out.

  14. Honestly, I thought you are American and was ready to make fun of the state of mobile plans in the US....

  15. Very sparingly unfortuntely. I normally only play during events.

  16. The IVs on mine are just so bad. I know some say IVs matter very little but when you have 10 Attack. It's the worst you can get from research and just feels like a waste to use 100 candies.

  17. I've always had a very weird restriction on my bag space that was very consistent with certain elements in the game.

  18. Well, so far it only shows my community. Thanks!

  19. It's still very early days. I wouldn't expect there to be a lot of local groups unless you live in a high density player area.

  20. Not live for me yet. It's a slow global rollout. I also don't have access to the new update yet.

  21. Since the start of the season I have played over 1,000 battles. I have completed the season battle pass of 500 wins and currently in the 2800s of Expert Rank.

  22. Only did 16 I think but also got nothing. Sadness.

  23. I just wish we knew what the coins were for and then make a educated decision on hunting them. Don't want to go out and collect 50 but they end up being evolution items that I realistically only need 5.

  24. I don't know for other species since I haven't looked but for Pumkaboo the XXL varient has a different sprite & cry. So I assume they are considered a "special species" when the Pokémon is XXL. .

  25. Is this the guy who did that to Blanche

  26. Everytime I do an appraisal of my Pokémon, Blanche looks at me like she is the most unimpressed person on the planet. Got a Hundo shiny Rayquaza?. Couldn't be less interested.

  27. Trainee box: 149.5 per incubator

  28. This is how I see Niantic's grand plan.

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