1. Why the fuck does anybody in this thread (let alone everybody) think the 9ers would want Baker? They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

  2. Do the Patriots need a 3 way QB controversy? Because that’s how you get a 3 way controversy.

  3. You guys are absolutely delusional. He's nowhere near as good as Carr and the Raiders are just starting to click.

  4. They have a very easy schedule and these 'masterpiece' defenses only show up against terrible defenses or terrible QBs. Same story the last 3 years- they beat up on trash teams and get rolled by good ones

  5. People downvoting you haven't been watching the Pats since Brady left. You're 100% correct. Hell, this even happened in Brady's last season.

  6. no capeshit = bad month for cinema

  7. Yeah, for a box office sub people here really seem to hate anything remotely unique or independent.

  8. Irrelevant to the primary review, but I just want to step in to say that Booksmart isn't "wildly popular". I keep seeing people say this, but it simply isn't true. Its a relatively unseen and imo average high school comedy

  9. I didn't realize it only grossed around $25 million. I personally don't like it and I probably should've said "wildly successful" as it only had a $6 million budget...though even that's stretching the definition of "wildly." I will say though that it was critically liked and I think the average viewer liked it, though I could be wrong about that too.

  10. Were there a lot of jump scares in this movie? I am, unfortunately, very jumpy. Even the smallest of "horror zing" sound effects will make me jump, and I am not a fan of jump scares.

  11. Not really jumpscares so much as quick edits. Not really designed to scare so much as startle and confuse.

  12. Lots of "why do people only care glorifying slavery now" commenters really seemed to have skipped right over that Gods and Generals paragraph, huh? This is not the first time, kids. Just the most recent.

  13. Don't need white people checking African history films when we've watched Hollywood produce a century of absurdly historically inaccurate movies recounting western history. There never seems to be these long explanations of how it's not accurate for any Viking, Roman, Greek historical pieces, all from cultures who were slavers, as was common back in the day.

  14. I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of historical films, so you'll have to fill me in: which historical films a) take a group which not only owned slaves but actively murdered neighboring regions to acquire them,

  15. Also, “There are accounts of Dahomey warriors conducting slave raids on villages where they cut the heads off of the elderly and rip the bottom jaw bones off others. During the raids, they’d burn the villages to the ground. Those who they let live, including the children, were taken captive, and sold as slaves.”

  16. people downvoting you would be embarrassed if they remembered how much of a paper tiger people considered the patriots defense

  17. They had a cupcake schedule before week eight. Then they met the Ravens sometime soon after and collapsed. Brady wasn't very good but was decent when considering his supporting cast.

  18. ‘Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts are getting a divorce. People close to the couple say the reason is because he’s Lyle Lovett and she’s Julia Roberts.’ - Norm MacDonald

  19. You butcherd it. "Julia Robers said yesterday that her marriage to LylenLovett has been over for some time. The key moment, she said, was when she realized she was Julia Roberts and she was Lyle Lovett."

  20. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have liked Miller's films so I gave it a shot. I was surprised how much I ended up disliking it. It is marketed as some big rollicking adventure, but never delivers on this (had no problem with the heavy dialog and slow pacing, it's just not the movie that was advertised). Instead we get endless flashbacks and a tired romance that is neither sweet, nor romantic, nor mutual. The movie is very enthusiastic but goes nowhere and nothing feels earned.

  21. Trailers almost always lie now (or take you through the ENTIRE film) and this is one of the best examples of flat-out false advertising. I'm glad I didn't see the trailer before watching.

  22. Just came back from the theater. I didn't know about this movie a week ago, somebody linked me the trailer and I was interested just from it, at least enough to go watch it as soon as possible. I didnt know who the director was nor did I read any summary of the plot.

  23. That's funny, I really liked Elba but thought Swinton was Swinton. The overarching plot/point is definitely thin and everything after the hotel room is murky at best. I can see how somebody wouldn't enjoy it. I think it's wothwhile to develop the attention span though, if I may be so bold.

  24. I think you need to put the keyboard down

  25. Wow, that's quite the review. Do you maintain a blog site or YouTube channel? I personally think you were a little harsh on it, even though I agree with some criticisms. I give it an 8, but fully acknowledge character development and some plot elements were fairly contrived. The deus ex machina truck that came out of nowhere to hit the drone was the most cringeworthy for me. I thought it was largely effective despite the faults just for the sheer terror of imagining being in that situation. The suspense was almost too much to handle at times, at least for me.

  26. Thank you for your feedback! I've been thinking about starting a blog/channel, just not sure what it would entail quite yet.

  27. Glad I'm not the only one that liked Joey King here. She was so, SO good as a manipulative little asshole while not falling into the trope of "evil shit-stirrer just to be evil" like Train to Busan's antagonist was.

  28. A big issue for me was tangerine's death. Kinda' went out like a bitch sfter clawing his way back into the movie. Also made the Diesel sticker basically irrelevent.

  29. If Lifetime tried to make a PG-13 movie, it would look like this. Lots of cringey dialog, sparkly clean 'swamp' people and about 5 (mostly makeout) sex scenes. Also about 45 minutes too long.

  30. The movie (and the book) are what would happen if Shawshank Redemption ended with Andy Dufresne on the beach in Mexico with no explanation of how. The whole acquittal is based on a preposterous timeline and no real evidence, yet it was true the whole time? Then show us how she did it! Leave clues along the way so we can be satisfied at the end. I had hoped the movie would flash back to that night and what happened but it’s as glossed over as it is in the book.

  31. Yeah, it's preposterous. Also, it hit me a day afrer watching it...Kya is a dumbass for stealing the necklace off the body. Incriminating herself for no reason.

  32. While I agree the movie wasn’t great, bro, cut the edge. Imagine writing this many words about fucking Minions 2…

  33. Yeah I didn't read it all lol just skimmed it. Don't quit your day job

  34. The overall point is that, in my humble opnion, the first Despicable Me is quite good and the franchise immediately imploded becuase they saw dollar signs where the minions stood. I will admit I was younger when it came out, but I think it has genuine heart and it feels like a movie, rather than a few stitched-together shorts.

  35. Between Ice skating and random movie on spot I chose movie. So yes I actually saw Minion 2 among truefilm. And I disagree with a rate of 3.

  36. I agree about Top Gun. I also thought Minions 2 had the right structure and was set up well in the first act. After that it just had nowhere to go, nothing for anyone to do. Just my 2 cents.

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