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  1. So is this like, your weird plug for a private vegan sub instead of the dozens that already are used?

  2. One sip of beer and you probably act like the dumb drunk bitch at high school parties. OMG I'm so drunk everyone pay attention to me, I'm such a light weight all it takes is 1 drink. I get high af off cbd, don't you think I'm cool stoners

  3. She said it so fast that for more than a decade I had no idea what she said.

  4. I vividly remember beating kingdom hearts 1 for the first time, playing it with my sister until the sun came up. We played through the game twice before with two defunct disks that would glitch right at the very end right before the final boss, what are the odds? But finally being able to watch Ansem go down and see the credits roll felt like such a reward, definitely a core memory.

  5. If you remove the spaces from the beginning of your first line, it won't have the code box around your text.

  6. Most hyped I’ve been for an upcoming game release in a long, long time. I’ve wanted Square Enix to remake this for years.

  7. I really don’t think that someone posting their age alongside their artwork online is something to get annoyed at or worked up over.

  8. what does that have to do with my questions? Are you saying native Americans and British are giving it to people thru monkeypox infected blankets? If you are foolish enough to accept clothing from random people on the street, during covid times, please dont for the sake of your own family and friends and neighbors. Please use some common sense, I know that is rare these days, but it is not that hard.

  9. Are you dumb stupid or retarded, i asked a question goofy

  10. Euthanasia surprised me for sure. Especially the little acoustic snippet at the end

  11. Saw him in October 2019 in AC on the Runaway Tour with my sister. Had super close seats too. One of my last really good memories in pre-COVID times.

  12. Might try this one. Been looking for a daytime strain that isn’t going to put me out

  13. Damn fr? I mean I typically go for seconds but I don’t usually go for thirds, so it doesn’t seem so out of the realm. But yeah I’m like 5’7 185 pounds so…

  14. I’m 5’8” and was sitting around 196 the beginning of 2021. COVID really scared me into losing the weight. I’m maintaining at around 140 these days. You can do it man, one step at a time

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