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  1. I regard "OK" as the ultimate achievement for me, it is just always "Poor" 😅

  2. I can say that experientially, it is pretty much equal in weirdness and, sometimes, 'lucidity' or 'realness' of the phenomena you are experiencing. I have not learned much from lucid dreaming about myself though, apart from how extremely flexible and incredibly astounding the mind is and can be without drugs.

  3. Sounds like quite the experience! Were you alone up there? Did you find your way back without issues? I don't think I'd trust myself to trip alone on a mountain without at least a camp to crawl into and wait it out haha.

  4. I knew my way very well. Probably hiked there between 200 and 300 times hehe, it is right next to my apartment. Was kind of steep down towards the valley, but did not really seem to lose any motor function, I think previous experience of hiking helped there, that I could just lean into it - physically, at any rate. I had visuals trails on head movement/rotation going at that point. I did go kind of a new route eventually though and it seemed like I was somewhere entirely new. After the peak, I still felt like a demi-god visiting a new planet all alone (put on LOTR soundtrack at this point). But yeah, I always go there to trip, so me and that mountain are soulmates. Haven't tripped inside for a long time. But that trip was my last trip and it's two years ago. Been too much going on, so I need to get back on the horse. Maybe early next year :)

  5. Ha, I always trip with a group of friends in the mountains in summer so the actual hiking through difficult terrain part is very familiar to me. For me after I've reached cruising altitude in terms of trip phases, I have a stupid easy time walking through all kinds of terrain. Just walking down steep forest hangs at the same pace as walking down the road, feels like I'm suddenly on 4WD.

  6. I think it is a bit misunderstood too and for most people it might be a phrase for a particularly strong trip or one in which you feel very connected to nature or whatever.

  7. Ooh. You're the mekanisk guy. Thanks for the decently priced hotswap PCBs and my daily driver water bottle! Kjekt med en god butikk på nett i Norge, hadde satt stor pris på mer import av ulike switches :)

  8. Didn't José Ortega y Gasset develop these ideas in the early 20th century? "I am I and my circumstance"?

  9. I guess a better formulation would be that he developed a substantial sociological theory that has gained a lot of traction based on this assumption

  10. This is what confirms it would be a week for me lol

  11. I googled it and it does look like he's an ENTP, so that must have swung the algorithm.

  12. What’s weird is even if I set the power target all the way to 121% I can look at my monitoring software and see that it draws 127% so no effing clue how THAT works. I’m guessing I just have the thermal headroom for it to draw what it needs to sustain clock speeds? With no OC my clock speeds stay around 2015-2025mhz with a peak of 2055mhz.

  13. Hm what monitoring software? I have a good temp headroom too as it in a custom loop. Will actually run a game now, and I'll see what it draws.

  14. Heheh just running elder scrolls online, mine lies around 400w... Elden Ring might use, don't remember. Interesting cade

  15. This seems complicated alright, I may try this do to hdmi

  16. breathes heavy "this is still fine... You wanted this" Remember... You wanted this.

  17. I'm more like: "I wanted this? It's so trippy that about 1 hour ago, I entered thisbstuff voluntarily!"

  18. It wasn't intentional, I was just kinda new to digital painting. But I'm glad you found it interesting!

  19. Just curious as I am not an artist in this way in any sense, have you drawn previously on paper but now on iPad or something?

  20. I used to draw a lot on paper, but stopped for some reason. As a graphic designer/animator, I do not really have to draw that much, mostly just basic pencil sketches.

  21. Cool. Really want to get into it one day. I have a Remarkable, so I do some bored drawing every now and then, but nothing structured as of yet. Cool work and thanks for answering.

  22. Will buy inserts, I think. Have it for my PCVR HMD, think not having those may have contributed yo my hlasses being crooked

  23. Cool! Never heard of it before, but it was an instant buy for me. Like the idea of having a handy book available. Congratulations, by the way!

  24. Thank you. It was a very long journey: 12 years is significant chunk of my life and it had plenty of ups and downs, as you will see.

  25. If you are an ENTP in your 20's and 30's and trying to figure out what to do with your life I recommend the following:

  26. Huh. Not an ENTP (INFJ), just saying I like how you think, but we don't have evening classes in Norway. I've handed in my final draft for my ph.d and started working as a dev now, but something like this could be ideal when I get more concrete technical experience.

  27. Yeah that body "rush" is intense, kind of magnetic-feeling. Also curious that something similar happens on DMT onset

  28. It was my first time and was definitely crazy! Because even though I was just laying in my bed, falling asleep like everyone does, it truly feels like your changing dimensions of some sort, from laying still in your bed just trying to sleep, to rotating in the air and landing belly down, with soft visuals along it!

  29. Yeah haha, it's been a while since I've LDed now, but lying in bed and suddenly getting this heavy bodycloaf and visuals is quite an experience. However 'lucid' one may be, it still is an altered state of consciousness and hard to describe. EDIT: I should add, I never felt that rotating thing, except for once I had sleep paralysis, and that is another story haha

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