1. That's basically the story of my games. Doing my own thing, get attacked, goes into a full-scale war and then the world starts treating me as their worst enemy. Even close allies become skeptics.

  2. Only ever played civ5, but at that point I do deem that the world needs ''decolonization'', by nuclear fire

  3. Looks like France has some rotten apples to clean out.

  4. If only it was only some, 'cause sometimes it seems like the whole basket is rotten

  5. Nice Los Altos, only reason why I know about this small thing is because of Vicky 2

  6. To be fair, there are plenty of Americans still upset over how our civil war turned out.

  7. Over here in frogland we've still got some royalists uppity about the french revolution

  8. Tant mieux...ça nous en fait plus pour nous 😄😄😉

  9. whew my brain stopped working for a solid minute as i tried to figure out why yucatan looked so weird

  10. Check out the updated map, the southernmost blue flag is not yet liberated

  11. Mate, I said that in this ALTERNATE history scenario they're brythonic, y'know, the people that were there before the english came? There's no anglo saxons in the lowlands in this case

  12. i was wondering whether or not tha sub was satire but it truly seems like they're braindead

  13. ouais nan, on garde le mt saint michel mais on vire la normandie

  14. Hey guys, have you heard? Wagner has captured Pisky!

  15. Don't underestimate them. They still hold the Kodema hill

  16. Ah so I guess by that logic great britain isn't in europe then

  17. And some people on the braindead blue bird app still are saying that hitting the crimean bridge is a warcrime, while the moskals bomb residential buildings

  18. Those are probably Russians that support this war.

  19. Lots of maga americans and ''independent thinkers'', too

  20. The sub is imaginarymaps, why post a normal map of Královec region?

  21. No power orb of Pisky superfortress (population 6)?

  22. Just needs Breizh to form the glorious united brittonic kingdoms 💪😤

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