T1 vs. DRX / 2022 World Championship - Final / Post-Match Discussion

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  1. It's under non commercial license, so as long as you are not making money off of it, go right ahead:)

  2. Just a small home game for my family. It just looks like how I saw the Capital in my head, it couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you so much.

  3. I got mine today. Can’t even put in the code to start the download. But I Can hold my hammer and drink while I wait.

  4. You still better than me rn! 🍻 and yeah I think it’s locked until release right? I’m guessing around 11 pm tommorow

  5. I’m crossing my fingers for 9pm. My wife says she ordered it from Target a few months ago for my birthday. I had no idea until today.

  6. Physicals last I heard yes but idk for sure

  7. Personally, I think there’s a huge, massive chance they split. With at least an 80% chance Faker retires.

  8. Damn, I really curious what will be next year storyline?

  9. It’s this that really bums me out. After watching those five games you couldn’t convince me that all of wasn’t just a script.

  10. About 4. But I’m just trying to start some conversation and get some insight. It seems a decent amount of people agree with me too. So what say you?

  11. Couldn’t be worse than the Gwen or Fiora. I mean honestly? At least he can perform on one champion, why not pick it. Or take the Aatrox because it was left open.

  12. they 100 percent should've taken aatrox 1p imo those other picks are just aatrox counters

  13. I’m just not sure how they thought the team comp would go when they drafted game 5. I’m not a great player, and I knew the game was lost at draft.

  14. Ah. I was under the impression Fright Night was replacing Goth. I’m glad that’s not the case.

  15. Does owning KDA Akali = Free KDA All out Akali?

  16. Be level 13, have Polymorph, turn into Troxigor, Troxigor is a CR 13 beast that’s an 18th level spellcaster in the form of an otter, Troxigor has time stop. Don’t actually try this or your DM is liable to smack you

  17. What if I am the DM? Lol. I’m running a level 12 gladiator arena for some friends. The DM gets a level 15 Gladiator champion who runs the show.

  18. It’s a level 15 character, I should have given more detail. Thank you.

  19. I mean it could be more clean. With the riven SB skin I have hope. There is a SB demon behind the Riven skin, I only hope Sett uses that for his skin base.

  20. There are people here who are not understanding the problem with having heroes be battle pass rewards, its not just the fact that it's pay to win, it also completely fucks over newer players because they don't have the things from season 1 and they're joining in season 3 or 4 and in a game like overwatch where team composition is the most important part of the game that is a major MAJOR red flag and that's not even mentioning the fact that if you stopped playing for a season now you stuck behind everyone else, there's a reason games like Fortnite or hell even more recently multiversus only outs cosmetic stuff in their battle passes because at least if you miss a season you're not missing much

  21. Heroes are unlocked from the free section of the battle pass I believe. Don’t like it in general, but If what I saw is correct then there a free tier and pay tier.

  22. How the hell do you not have an S+ yet

  23. I think you meant to say, “congrats”. I’ll help you, Congrats on M7!

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