Amazon CEO says company won't take down antisemitic film

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  1. Lol okay. I’ll believe it when I see it. No reason to get hyped over TA that’s generally wrong

  2. Is there a difference between Kyrie sharing that movie and Amazon selling it? Is one worse than the other? And if the answer is no, should the proper response be that all who had issue with Kyrie also boycott amazon?

  3. It does not just go in rogue decks. If you have a black counters/go wide deck it prolly is a very good inclusion. It is probably true that it's less good than it's price, but to say it's as narrow in commander as you described is wrong.

  4. Staying away from reserved list as they aren't dropping without bans (and many won't even with bans), my current big ones:

  5. That’d be nice. Variety is good to have. If not we will just become an echo chamber of apes screaming drs is the way and posts about how we are in the end game for the 1000th

  6. I mean, in a large paid event youre more likely to get people trying to win.

  7. Can we institute IQ tests as a requirement to post? I feel we’d weed out the dumb shit

  8. "I have no knowledge of something so instead of ignoring it, I'm going to act superior because my narcissism hasn't gotten any fuel today."

  9. LOL or you could just hold the investment cause it’s sound and not expect a moass. That’s the issue. I see a bunch of people who act like it’s some kind of prophecy or that it’s bound to happen. Keep doing that and ignoring the long term potential of a company.

  10. You can do whatever you want, but your mentality is a great way to have your playgroup disband.

  11. Same. I just build to hve cool stuff. Yea I still have combos but I’m focused on doing cool stuff

  12. Counterpoint: a lot of people are drawn to commander because of the wide slection of cards and the ability to pull off crazy stuff.

  13. So you're familiar with Green Goblin

  14. Sounds like a pod issue . Have you at any point done some plays or decks that made people salty? I used to be the archenemy for a while but then I started trying new things just to have fun. Don’t approach the table with I need a win mentality. Build your deck to do what you want it to and just have fun.

  15. Yeah no one bats an eye at a turn 2 ghalta but heaven forbid I make them lose their hand and only draw one.

  16. Because I can’t sell covered calls and increasing my position further. Thanks to CC I have been able to almost double my initial investment. I’ll drs when I’m ready.

  17. That's solid. Especially since others also doing this will probably also DRS when ready- as we get closer to 100%, it'll be one of the waves that pushes this all over the edge.

  18. [[Titania, protector of argoth]] hear me out, I built landfall but also landristocrst focusing on putting lands in my graveyard as well as using things like [[Constant Mists]] and [[World breaker]] for politicking and removal

  19. As I said in another comment, I'm a bit hesitant about mono-color decks. Do you think that's misplaced? I just worry I don't have the card knowledge to work with an even more selective pool of cards.

  20. I was weary of mono colored for a while myself. I hated them but then started mono red the black and now green (my least favorite. I specifically avoided green because I thought it Boeing)

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