1. Nothing upset me. You're not the first garbage human being I've come across.

  2. What do you consider yourself now? And what did you consider yourself before sobriety? Not the same person, right?

  3. I didn't randomly post a story from twenty years ago about treating a person I just had sex with as less than human, so I could look cool on the internet. Either before or after I stopped drinking.

  4. Now that you mention it, I literally never see attractive guys with their partner.

  5. I’d be more than happy with only speed, do you think it’s scary to do speed while blasting or is it okayish once ? I did speed and weed before had a blast 😅

  6. I started my cycle 5 weeks ago of 500 mg test a week and 40mg of anavar 6 days a week on the days I train. I went from 163lb to 188.8lb while at nearly the same bodyfat is this normal?

  7. I quit drinking 6 months ago after being a pretty big drunk for 20 years. It was past time for me to quit and I wasn't making good decisions towards the end. I started my first steroid cycle 3 weeks after quitting and it seemed to have filled that void of drinking for 20+ weeks. Felt great, had a reason to not drink (chasing gains), etc.

  8. You’ve made it over the hardest part. Congrats on getting sober. Everyone mentioned AA, but there are other support groups if it’s not your style. Also, regularly browsing

  9. I was joking about the tren, I've got enough psychological problems on my own to roll the dice with 19 nors. I do jiu jitsu but a torn ankle ligament three weeks ago has me sidelined and my birthday is in a few days. I don't really like birthdays. So I'm in a funk. I'll get past it.

  10. I just got back from the gym and there was 2 absolutely sauced up cops working out this morning. I would be terrified if someone called the cops and those 2 guys showed up ngl.

  11. If you think a dude isn’t natty, make his ass do 5 sets of back extensions. If his ass isn’t dying than you have your answer.

  12. You could also ask to see his glutes and inspect them for injection marks.

  13. Ok so I got a rash on my penis which flares every time I have sex or shave my shaft it’s in the bottom right of my shaft. I don’t have any sti I took test and even took herpes medicine just in case and still it won’t go away.

  14. Could be ingrown hairs or infected hair follicles. I had it happen once after a 3 day fuck fest out camping where neither of us showered. We both ended up with the nastiest red puss bumps all over our pubes. I immediately stopped talking to her and she was certain i gave her an std and told all her friends. But it was just pussy juice, cum and dirt grinded into our skin over and over again, then left there to grow bacteria. Maybe get some antibiotics. I just waited it out in god awful shame, like a man.

  15. Anyone care to throw in on a bf% estimate? Im thinking I’m around 17%

  16. Normally the way you stop women from thinking your gay is to have sex with them. Of course if they're ugly and you can't get it up then you may just be reenforcing their belief that you are indeed gay. Better take a ton of cialis just in case.

  17. Have been doing PPLrPPL for 2 years and need a change...what would you guys recommend? Going back to bro split?

  18. I've gone to a Bro split after doing 6 months of PPL. Its a nice change of pace. I like leaving nothing on the table because i know i have 7 days to rest that body part.

  19. Has anyone else ever been almost sexually assaulted by the wrinkle old man in the gym sauna?

  20. Sounds like he's replaced you as his emotional support friend and your jealousy of his current relationship isn't helping you find a new place that fits with his evolving life. I think its cute that you know all of his allergies and that she's not babying him as good as you do. But its time to start moving on and finding another soulmate. Gods speed sailor.

  21. Yeah but only when you do sub shots not into the muscle and the amount of gear differs by a lot. I used to pin 3 ml of shit sometimes I can imagine how long that would take with an insulin needle

  22. On cruise insulin needles are nice and easy, but agree I'm not blasting using 1/2" .5ml syringes, I got shit to do and can't be there all day.

  23. If you could get it in her ass she wasn't that fat or your dick is longer than mine. But my guess is you just titty fucked her ass cheeks, if she's as big as you described.

  24. Lmao. Who’s that small bitch in the mirror? It’s the lighting. Is it? Fuck your small.

  25. Bigger heart!!! Gimme that enlarged heart and LVH.

  26. Heading to the indoor waterpark with the family this weekend. The last 6 months of bulking and cutting have been for this moment. I hope that teenager in the fuzzy wolf costume is ready for my oiled up photoshoot i've got planned with him. Wish me luck brothers.

  27. Reminds me of my Craigslist days. Finding the married Dilf that hadn't been blown in months that would cum when I'd lick the head in the back stairs of the hotel. Ahhhh good times as a wild 16 year old.

  28. As a married man I wish I got a blowjob every couple months. I think I've gotten two or three of them in the last 10 years. And unenthusiastic ones as well.

  29. My clinic asks me to test every 6 months. I was thinking of a cycle of 500mg test a week for my first cycle. I know 2 weeks is a nought for test to come back to its normal range but what about E2 and other markers?

  30. Recently been opening up delts. Pinned left delt. Got a blood pressure reading of like 149/88 on left arm which is definitely wrong because the past couple days it has been 117-124/74-79 on cycle. Immediately switched to right arm and got 112/79. That is the arm I didnt pin. Could inflammation throw off blood pressure readings in that arm. Im thinking because of the probably increased blood flow in that arm.

  31. You get so much inflammation from pinning that the artery 4" lower and on the inside o your arm is affected? Sounds like you fucked up the test on your left arm.

  32. She's going to be so sorry when she takes half his stuff plus child support and alimony for 20 years. And then she'll be all alone, living for free in his old house having to fuck other dudes in his bed for comfort. Women amirite.

  33. Lads, I made it official with this lovely lady from Kyrgyzstan, she is going for a masters in quantitative finance and is probably one of the most well rounded ppl I’ve met for someone her age, plus her accent has me going crazy, PBed in squat this week 510x2 at 193lbs, pitched a solar farm idea to the waste management director at my company and he gave me the O.K to start a proforma to present to the ceo, my MBA program is going well the only thing I am missing is time to sleep but at this point fuck it, life is good today

  34. I just bought an airport in Nigeria so we should all meet up. What's you social security number, for clearance reasons of course.

  35. Beginning of the month she started coming around about half as much as she used to. I'm not bored of her or resentful, she swears she isn't either. Maybe life is just getting in the way but feels like something is up

  36. Women break up with men this way. She is emotionally distancing herself so that its easier to move on and get with the next dude. You can ask her whats up and try to reverse it or you can do the same and not get blindsided.

  37. Continuing on my last comment: how do you properly hit on a receptionist (at the doctor’s office in my case).

  38. Make daily appointments with suggestive medical issues. Like, erections that last longer than 4 hours without viagra. Penis reduction surgery consultation. Scratches on your back from being too good at sex. Normal stuff that will pique her interest.

  39. Yes haha I really wanted to do 8 sets ig I just gotta start conditioning myself better

  40. I thought it only counts as gay when you lock your dicks together. Thats how gay people have sex right?

  41. If one buddy is circumcised and the other isn't then it's called space docking and it's not gay. It's like a hand shake for your dicks.

  42. At your age test levels will fluctuate wildly throughout the days and weeks. Get plenty of sleep, exercise and a decent diet. Keep you bodyfat below 20%. You won't have any issues.

  43. Why proviron is giving me tiredeness, lethargy and irritability? Im using it with 100mg test and hcg. 50mg today and feeling shit

  44. how's your E2? HCG fucked with my estrogen more than a higher dose of test did. Not sure why, but i needed an AI with it.

  45. Some particular users here finds it gay but I play soccer once a week to keep up with condition. Hate cardio as well and I'm absolutely gassed afterwards but for me it's a fun way to stay healthy since I'm not running aimelessly.

  46. Are you playing soccer with another man's penis in you? Otherwise its not gay, its just bicurious.

  47. No but we fuck each other in the shower afterwards

  48. Well, wife still isn't pregnant. I think I've got a low count. I've got about 3 weeks of hcg left over from last year when I came off, couple months of Clomid. Taking about 10 supplements that may or may not be shown to help.

  49. With the salaries you guys have over there I wouldn't have minded doing 2 extra years tbh

  50. There's got to be a middle ground between the two. Here is at least 500k in student loans but with the pay most can pay those off before forty.

  51. Loans at the salaries you guys make are mostly a psychological burden, not an economic one. I might go to Australia though and I saw some job offerings for psychiatrists ranging from 500 to 900k a year...

  52. Agree with the loan being psychological. Most have to learn to delay gratification and pay it off, instead of paying the minimum and trying to live that rich doctor lifestyle just out of school.

  53. Currently on 200mg 2x weekly of test. I’m wanting to add anavar(oxodrolone) at 50mg daily. Should I bump the test to 350mg while cycling anavar? I also was considering adding tb500 but not sure if I should wait and do that just with the test?

  54. I felt better and had better muscle gains on 500 mg test then i did on cruise with 30mg anavar daily. But the anavar is more aesthetic and easier to cut on. So depends on your goals. Combining both would give you the most gains but at the cost of more stress on your body.

  55. I'm coming off a BnC of 1 1/2 years now. My balls were small before I jumped on this BnC journey due to a shitty recovery from a previous steroid cycle 8 years ago. I've been on HCG for the last 9 weeks at various dosages of 1k - 1.5k IU M/W/F for the first two weeks to 500IU M/W/F for the rest.

  56. Mine came back quickly at 500mcg eod. Like 2 weeks. At 250mcg eod they started to regress. At nine weeks you should have gone through multiple vials of hcg so it shouldn't be a quality issue unless you have really shitty luck. You can raise it to 1000 no problem and run that, you're obviously not a strong responder to it. You can also test you LH and FSH levels after your drop the HCG going through PCT to see if your body is producing enough naturally. Good luck small balled brother.

  57. On Cruise I use 28g 1/2" insulin pins injecting twice weekly. (140mg/wk) For blast i use 1" 25g luerlock syringes because i'm putting higher volumes into my quad, so there's a higher risk of subq leak.

  58. On a happier note: I bought the boyfriend like $250 worth of gym clothes, then flowers and supplements for Valentine's Day. I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts when he gets it all. So glad and also mad he's not used to getting gifts because I can straight up ask him what he wants two weeks before and he won't think anything of it. Boom super surprised and thankful. But also means his past boyfriends have all been shitty people and the things he tells me about them and the police reports confirm it.

  59. I'm hard to shop for since I'm one of those people who will impulsively buy themselves whatever they want. But I do like getting clothing and sexual favors from my wife. Those are two things that are always better coming from someone else.

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