1. How much are you willing to spend? Are you looking for something truly portable to carry around every day, or are you looking for something that's just powerful and only needs to be a laptop to move with you easily?

  2. Second choice, something powerful but that I can move with me easily. I would prefer stay under 5k if possible

  3. Yeah a good CPU with lots of core and threads. I don't know if Xeon processors are a thing in laptops ?

  4. Some animals are as smart as us, like dolphins or chimpanzees

  5. C'est pas que j'aime pas, c'est qu'il y en a tellement que je sais pas c'est quoi la timeline. Je ne sais pas par où commencer et j'ai la flemme / Je vais être perdu

  6. Souvent quand je vois un film Marvel qui a l'air bien, je ne le regarde pas quand même car je me dit que je vais rien comprendre

  7. Why do all you sound bar people want Atmos? Like buying high octane gas for your Kia. There’s literally no point.

  8. I don't know tbh, was just curious about how it works since it's a functionality my TV has and was wondering how to profit from it with regular speakers

  9. Atmos is about overhead speakers, sounds coming from above. Any TV or sound bar that says it can give that to you is taking you for a fool.

  10. J'ai de la misère a streamer du 4k sans que ça bug malheureusement. Sûrement qu'un câble Ethernet serait mieux mais je ne suis pas pour passer tout le long des murs de mon appartement...

  11. Assure toi que tous tes fichiers soient lus en qualité original sur Plex, faut pas qu'il y ait de transcodage car ça pompe beaucoup de ressource serveur ça.

  12. I'm in the same situation, but how do you leave a friend group ? Do you just block them all without explaining them?

  13. Had never heard of it, thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely try this one 😌

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