1. Fungal wastes is THE WORST it's so BORING there's NOTHING THERE it's actually such a bad location i want to skip it every time i play this game

  2. I think kuu would make a great main character, she seems like she'd be really charismatic and funny. Terun would be cool too. I'm interested in seeing how kalisa's whole "almost destroyed the entire school" thing is going to be incorporated. Also, are you planning on posting this? I would love to read it

  3. 1 i will think about it, but wouldnt lesser demon cat be good on crazed cats that i have a huge problem with? I am in mid game

  4. I just love when people ask for advice and then argue when someone tries helping them

  5. my eraser is at +80 yet it gets one shotted all the time. I only use it in my anti-metal lineup because it's in a combo with Kubilan

  6. And I have completed entire UL, my eraser is 20+80 and i have no problems with it.

  7. I just have a different playing style and eraser doesn't fit it. metal macho, on the other hand...

  8. I don't even have macho metal, but why would u need it c'mon, u can use Curling cat

  9. Please explain to me where did they use V instead of B, i watched it in my native language so I'm missing all the jokes

  10. I used that livery God i thought u have recorded me lmao, tbf that guy with a livery didn't do anything bad

  11. Please do not do Cats Of the cosmos yet. Game is not supposed to be played like that

  12. I think musashi is a bit too far, i'm in cotc 2 (almost at big bang) and i beat cotc 1 after li'l nyandam.

  13. Cotc was released after Musashi when it was first time coming out to the game.

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