1. HAH, they wish they could touch a single toe been of either franchise.

  2. Does minecraft have a rollback thing like dst or smth.

  3. I wonder why you thought that was Barry. His Mask doesn't have white eyes and a nose covering in the comics. Here's Wally and Barry side by side.

  4. Idk either man, late night reddit scrolling isn't one of my best choices.

  5. Blue, not just because damian Wayne's red knock off nightwing cosplay in injustice gods among us is the worst thing to grace a fighting game since MK vs DC. But aslo the dark blue and black contrast perfectly with his bright cyan tazar Boton he accomp2anies with.

  6. He looks defeated, pike how the only thing he had is to scare, ans now he is confused by the creatures ment to be prey becomes there caretaker.

  7. I'm not ready for this update, the line between modded and vanilla is becoming thinner. No update will be as good as 1.13 but this gets an award for ambition. As long as things dont get cut.

  8. Congrats, anyone who uses this meme is appreciated in my book.

  9. His poop is the ideal fire pit fuel, 100% without wasting time getting logs. His sanity buff is good in a pinch but not much else. His goop is also good for going insane if you need quick nightmare fuel.

  10. His nurse spiders died, BTW nice drawing. its not easy to get the DS art style well that well (Assuming you actually drew this)

  11. Thx!!! I did lol, ive been learning to draw recently and have been obsessed with webber

  12. I probably shouldn't even ask what the disgusting thing is on the left.

  13. Its just a lil funny lil goofy plant for when you're in a lil funny lil goofy mood

  14. Damm, someone has a lot of time on their hands, Good work. Anyway, I am thinking quartz, maybe even a checkerboard pattern if youre patiant enough.

  15. oooo that seems interesting I think I will do a checkerboard of brick and quarts

  16. I'ma warn you that it might take alot more effort and time, if you have modded tech or console commands to make it easier then go for it.

  17. It does look cool, but is he okay like medically?

  18. Yes, he’s fine. He’s 7 years old and has had them since we got him when he was around 2.

  19. Awww, that's sweet. I hope he stays well for a long time.

  20. Why does Freddy fazbears entertainment engineers decide to make the beak removable is my question.

  21. Maybe it wasn't intentional and was just loose or badly designed

  22. Actually, that makes a lot more sense. aslo funny to think about too lol.

  23. Isn't it weird that it's called a rorobuck despite the fact that they're clearly a token of some sort, and definitely not paper lol.

  24. Chuxky, because springtrap has already got arthritis in his joints.

  25. Mmmmmm, idk how I feel bout shipping a dead kids soul in a toy doll.

  26. Do you have a Logitech mouse with configuration software, by any chance? 😁

  27. Security breech, just hide in the men's bathroom until a guest finds me eating a mountain of meat bits.

  28. Fun fact, giving a white elephant was a common punishment during the Egyptian Era. Someone who ticked off the emperor was gifted an albino elephant which was considered sacred and was expected to be treated well which was difficult for not only being an elephant but also burning early because of its white skin and refusal of the gift would also get the victim ousted from society.

  29. Omg, don't don't don't, there are precious shanci plushies, use them as a family heirloom or anything other then good will!.

  30. There's no way he fit in the chonanical spring lock suit if he was that heavy.

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