1. It’s pretty common for coyotes to attack and eat their prey ass first. I’m predict coyote kill. Keep your animals close.

  2. I also would expect a cougar to cover the kill with grass.

  3. IANAL but I would bet it will come down to whether the policy was actively enforced, how frequently it was ignored by the staff, whether the University knew of previous violations and if so whether they made changes in response to violations.

  4. I can't help but feel that, if this was any school other than UGA, there would be a state criminal investigation of the athletic department. Abuse of governmental office, misuse of public funds, etc. I doubt that the many Law Dawgs are eager to go after alma mater, though.

  5. I don’t understand how you look at the incident and draw this as the investigative focus

  6. IANAL, but I've worked in public finance and auditing. I'm suggesting that, if higher-ups in the athletic department at a public university are allowing people to regularly use university resources for private purposes, there could be a broader criminal investigation related to public trust/financial crimes. I know these types of issues are often swept under the rug or dealt with internally, but this scandal has put the issue out in public.

  7. There's a lot of sarcastic replies here, so I'll go ahead and give a real answer, since I think this question deserves at least one real answer. Many people find that their romantic relationship is an important and fulfilling part of their life, and sometimes couples counseling can help when things are rocky.

  8. Solid pitch for a recurring character on a show that's a mashup of Abbott Elementary, Blue Mountain State, and Community.

  9. I find joy in imagining anyone visiting Paris Mississippi. There’s a dollar general that’s about it.

  10. Paris, Oregon is a ghost town out in the coastal rainforest. It's remote enough you can only get there by miles of unpaved road. No cell reception or even an electrical service that far into the hills...

  11. It's actually more common than universities would like to admit.

  12. I feel like a shocking number of "good hires that don't pan out" are due to drinking problems. We've all heard the rumors about Anderson, Frost, Herman, and Orgeron.

  13. I came here to comment this! I was on campus that year, and the rumor he knocked up the cheerleader was everywhere.

  14. My conspiracy theory is that basically every coach stopped communicating with Canzano after the GA leaks, leading to his eventual firing from the Oregonian. He could regurgitate junk for a few years, but sources didn't trust him anymore.

  15. Why? To be fair, I haven't been there for a while, but they've been open for around 50 years.


  17. Amen, I graduated from Cornell too and baffled by how many people who don’t have relevant understanding are sharing just wrong opinions

  18. I really hope OP sees comments like this and hears the same IRL. Reddit just doesn't understand the resume and network boost that comes from an Ivy-League education, especially in an elite program like Cornell CS. The most successful Googler I know started there right after graduating from Cornell... with a degree in animal science. This is a chance to doors that will be closed for the rest of their life if they go to UMASS.

  19. Yeah. It's as much or more about development and coaching than recruiting. Texas has had massive talent and is below Iowa. They've also had a lot of highly ranked croots miss the NFL.

  20. I just watch a red letter media video where they said that one of the hosts, Jay, actually grew up in the Home Alone house.

  21. I'm pretty sure they didn't mean that literally. They were saying he grew up in a large, nice house in suburban Chicagoland.

  22. They really should make these guys call a few MAC games before calling them up. Romo and RG3 are the exception, not the rule.

  23. I'm more partial to the 1989 Rose Bowl. Johnny Utah and the Buckeyes were dominating USC until Utah tore his ACL in the 4th. The team had grit and held on, though. Shame he never had much of a pro career due to the injury, though.

  24. What people forget is that not only did Adam's get injured, but our starting center was out, so any chance Locke had at closing the game out where hampered by terrible snaps

  25. I still don't understand how the backup QB had never practiced snaps with the backup center. Like... how? The game made it clear that Helf was totally failing to develop players after Chip left.

  26. I take it as the sign that Loid is actually in love with her. How else does a legendary spy become so blind to someone around him?

  27. Monken has definitely had the most success at Army of any modern coach. Great coaches, like

  28. It’s the option. I love triple more than just about anything, and a significant number of schools would benefit from running at least aspects of it. It’s just not sexy, and hard to sell when the majority of fans and boosters would rather see an electric 5-7 than a boring 8-4

  29. That's my experience at GT. The young alums loved the Paul Johnson era, but the older ones (the ones with money) were constantly whining. I know Monken isn't a triple-option purist, though. I believe he's said he'd incorporate more passing with P5 personnel.

  30. So far, this is the best written and acted episode of the revived series. The case is actually interesting and complicated. Feels like it could have been a season finale.

  31. Trying to understand how a 9-3 #13 ranked FSU is playing an unranked 6-6 OU team? I guess name is the main factor but still?

  32. Same way that a 9-3 #14 ranked Oregon State is playing an unranked 6-6 UF team. If ESPN televises all but three bowls and owns many of them, they should be more flexible about creating quality matchups.

  33. that's 6 appearances for Kentucky at this bowl alone

  34. At least it's an easy drive for the fans. I'd much rather see Kentucky and UF switch games.

  35. Actually, it's the other way around...

  36. I was thinking about how they cut the annual rivalry game while he was at ND. You're right that he's never lost to Purdue, though.

  37. That's fair. I mostly meant it for the meme potential. However, Oregon State is the #14 team in the final CFP rankings, so a (6-6) bowl opponent is a bit of a disappointing matchup. No offense to Florida.

  38. This list is somehow better than the AP and Coaches Polls. Rare CFP win.

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