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  1. What’s the S3 like? I have a 65bhp Toyota aygo and I’ve had my sights set on an S3 for ages.

  2. How you like it so far? Planning to trade in my Tlx for a 22 s4.

  3. Bro that's my dream car :( I don't wanna pay 15k over MSRP cause of greedy dealerships

  4. If legally changing the entity name with the state of incorporation then you need to do so with IRS and be prepared for it to take 1-2 years. You will likely run into issues where you get EIN checks and the IRS will have old name and you are publicly using your new name. It’s a headache.

  5. Isn't it as simple as marking a name change on the tax return. Don't see a point in changing the name w/ IRS asap. I don't have vendors or clients that run EIN checks on my firm

  6. It was within 2 weeks. I was quite surprised. I was habitually checking the website throughout the day not expecting anything. Then one day I was showing someone and my name was there. It was such a great feeling. Do you have the website?

  7. Yeah I have the site. Board approved my file on 6/28 and said I will get sent to the queue two weeks from that day. I just reached out to nysed to see if I was sent to queue cause they don't send me any communication. I hope it's gonna be 2 weeks from the queue date!!

  8. Did they respond to you? Submitted mine on 6/16, nothing yet but I haven't reached out to them after submitting the app

  9. Yep I just got my license # a on 7/18 and I got my certificate today 7/21. I applied I think on 6/15. The only thing I submitted on 6/15 was Form 2, I had submitted everything else months prior. I think a combination of that and good luck, it only took me 30 days to get licensed.

  10. Total comp $195K, 10 years experience, HCOL - Entertainment industry

  11. I started out in the entertainment/creative industry. I should've stayed. Jeez.

  12. With those mock scores, nobody has any advice for you. You should be the one giving advice... Just keep doing what you're doing and relax. You're gonna pass.

  13. I applied middle to end of April. Had my experience form sent May 2nd. They have processed and received as of 5/26 and said it was unde review. Called last week and said my application was reviewed and accepted as of 6/10. They also said my name and license can be searched as of 7/10 and should expect something in the mail two weeks after 7/10.

  14. Why does it take 30 days from process completion date to get license number? Board approval?

  15. I think I got the certificate 4 days after my license number showed up on the site.

  16. You're still depressed. BUT YOU PASSED ALL CPA EXAM PARTS!!!!!! Congrats.

  17. just came across this post, how important is hot assets?

  18. SIMS were easy but MCQs were harder than any tests I've taken. I've seen stuff on there that I have not even seen on Becker. Crazy

  19. Make a note of all formula and go through them regularly. Learn COSO and ERM mnemonics. If you are weak at grammar like me or scared of WCTS make sure to write them daily 2. I test tomorrow and I am still scared of WCTs.

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