1. So could they theoretically set the location of one of these threat emitters to somewhere there is a bunch of Russian targets and trick the Russians into bombing/attacking their own?

  2. Theoretically speaking, yes. Practically speaking, highly unlikely.

  3. What's more expensive, these decoys or the anti radar missiles?

  4. Accepting a reality where there is always something one could improve or do better is the cornerstone of any advancing civilization.

  5. That's really cool, and I think it's a great move! Glad to hear he won the fight too!

  6. There is an actual video of this grenade being dropped by a russian drone:

  7. Hard to tell the outcome. Tear gas is designed to make it unbearable to breathe. I have tried some, and it delivers. Imagine taking a can of Lysol, putting it in your mouth, pressing the button and breathing in.

  8. So many impact craters. Just imagine how much ammo Russia needs to haul for that. How many men are required. How many barrels are worn. How many trucks needs service, fuel.

  9. I think I’ve seen the original. I think it was one of their own choppers (maybe piloted by Syrian air force) loaded with barrel bombs to throw into residential areas when it got hit.

  10. As far as I know that BMP-3 is part of the Russian lend-lease military help to Ukraine.

  11. I'd like to sit down these propagandists in front of a movie marathon documenting what Russia has done to Ukrainian lives, their homes and also, what their own troops has had to suffer.

  12. Then the entire premise for this to work, is that you impact your own people minimally when conducting your political affairs, warfare included.

  13. You have to be highly intelligent to make it as a comedian. Maybe not in science, but socially intelligent. You have to have a unique ability to break down stuff into meaningful points, and still manage to be funny about it.

  14. See, this is why I'll gladly guard everyone's beers and purses while they go dance.

  15. Likely some of the heavy weapons onboard suffered a goodwill gesture when makikg contact with whatever hit it.

  16. Even while abandoning loads of their own on the battlefield, they still overcrowd hospitals with wounded.

  17. Interesting how essentially 1 mine can halt a mechanized assault.

  18. Shout out to the frogs, toads and tadpoles who paid the ultimate price.

  19. Hard to believe such a beautiful city was completely destroyed.

  20. Not really. Everything russia touches turns into shit. Even cities.

  21. WTF, did somebody try to Drive the truck in flames?

  22. You would have to do something about the backblast. Unless you are John Rambo of course, then your backblast nullification field will take care of that.

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