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Hasan's take on Maya's final statement

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  • By - tgh17

just a quick recap

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  1. I probably die from eating nasty Indian food from the streets

  2. I'd probably die from heart attack after eating American fast food. Oh, and my family would probably be in a huge debt from the hospital bills.

  3. So you just want to hate on America, then. You should have just said that from the beginning.

  4. Well, some people here just want to hate on India so I returned the favor.

  5. If streamers are forgiven countless times for their actions after they apologize, why should a viewer not be forgiven?

  6. I'm not defending them when the facts point to no coverup. If anything, mizkif made the wrong call but by no means was it a cover up, a cover up implies much worse intentions.

  7. What facts are you talking about? Did Miz, Maya and Mitch Jones not have a conversation about protecting their friend before Maya and Mitch Jones went to the victims house and talked with the victim while she was writing her twitlonger.

  8. Going over someone's past comments to defend their streamer. Least Schizo OTK Andy.

  9. I thought it was because maya went to the victims house? or did i miss something

  10. Maya did go to victims house and spoke with the victim. And the perpetrator was Maya's close friend btw. Huge conflict of interest.

  11. "Housing should be a basic right and not something people try to profit off of."

  12. I think what op means is that they want everyone to have the right to buy house at a fair price. Not prices that are significantly jacked up by people / companies who see it as investments. You wouldn't want house prices to be astronomically high that only the very rich and wealthy can afford them, do you?

  13. Hoping to get tickets for my sister’s sweet 16! Wish us luck!

  14. Does anyone have any idea what the concert length will be? Including openers

  15. I don't have much idea but I went to a Bille Eilish concert earlier this year, and I remember it lasted somewhere between 4-5 hours including openers.

  16. This comment section is like those ugly 🐋 girls insta where everyone comments 😍😍😍 omg so pretty queen!!

  17. I wouldn't say meh, the only meh thing is how he kept and still keeps on promising that he'll play a horror game but still didn't :7341:

  18. I remember he played the mortuary assistant, quarry and another Chinese horror game set in university. Are you talking about a specific horror game because he has played a few horror games this year.

  19. Horror games on halloween... It's spooktober and he hasn't played a single horror game this month

  20. Fair enough. But you got to cut him some slack this month since he got sick for like a week.

  21. His best rating is close to 1200 iirc. He currently hovers around the 1000 range.

  22. I'm confused, I thought his fam was oppressing him based on the fallout with adept weeks ago

  23. Lol. xQc said he broke up with Adept because he chose family over her.

  24. so which one is the batshit crazies in his family? any loremasters?

  25. I'm not gonna go deep into it but apparently his brother's girlfriend and Adept did not get along at all.

  26. Also, if you plan to not change your TV for many years, it is usually better to go with a reputable brand like Sony or Samsung since they have better quality control than budget brands, which may offer better features for the price but may not be durable.

  27. This is the way. Also on a side note, I tried the TCl series 5 and it was so ass. I hope the 6 is better. So glad I returned mine and got the hisense U8g

  28. I bought TCL series 6 in 2019 and it just stopped working after 3 weeks( would get stuck in the TCL logo screen). Thankfully, since it was under warranty, it got fixed. Apparently, the whole motherboard needed to be changed. It hasn't had any issues since. TCL is a good budget option but you can't count on their quality control.

  29. I mean does Rage have a history of making stuff like this up for drama and attention?

  30. Nah lol, also X just said the history is true, but the girl was actually qt, but theres also a print n discord of a girl talking about this and hard to think rage and kai doesnt know who qt is

  31. Tbh, I can imagine Rage and Kai not knowing who qt is since the W community has only recently opened up to Poggers streamers. I also saw the discord screenshot of the girl named Violeta. Let's see if qt or Violeta have something to say publicly about what happened.

  32. but he wasn't brave enough to admit that he's maya higa 😔

  33. That was because he is also considerate enough to let his friend Zoil give an answer.

  34. considering X hadn’t even rehearsed this show and one take’d it, I feel like by episode 3/4 this will be incredible.

  35. Tbh, I hope its just as scuffed if not more in future episodes. I want confusion and ackwardness. 😂

  36. I don't think they're losing. They get the pleasure of seeing their name on the screen and maybe also getting a shoutout. Also, some people have lots of disposable income.

  37. How can you say W Kai and on the very next sentence berate the people who show their support to him?

  38. xQc, train, miz, poki , mitch. Mitch is just an enabler. The rest are big twitch streamers who have a lot of influence and they all put together would be hard to go against even for Destiny and Hasan.

  39. Sometimes you gotta show them that you can beat them at their own game and their game is not even that good. OMEGALUL

  40. My game is typing out OMEGALUL even though we have the emote I am undefeated

  41. This is clipped when Hasan is talking in the hypothetical, and to paint Maya in the worst possible way.

  42. Hasan said even in the most charitable interpretation of events, Maya's actions were wrong.

  43. Can't wait for Hasan's next appearance on Wine About It

  44. Well. Glad to see Hasan got balls to speak his mind rather than be disingenuous in order to protect a friend for networking opportunity. I am more willing to listen to his opinions now.

  45. he wont lol. fifa is 10x worse than IOC

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