1. I reaaally thought about it, a good way to start practicing animation

  2. If their adults act like humans, why would their babies be exempt from acting like newborn humans? How do you know they aren't a form of ancient therapsid?

  3. Go to the camera settings (thr camera icon) and reset the view

  4. A simple upvote it's not enough to apreciate this, amazing work

  5. Saw some Tomb Raider screenshots and you pretty much nailed it

  6. This would be an amazing piece for 3D printing, hope to see the textured version

  7. The Styx games. Honestly I've been feeling a bit tired of the action stealth games and wanted a pure brutal stealth experience. Styx REALLY scratches that itch.

  8. Came to say this, love the styx games, Of orcs and men too for the dialog.

  9. Shadow of War or Dragons dogma, cheap and lenghty with endgame

  10. Yes, I am currently watching all the classic horror movies. Halloween, Nightmare on elm street, Scream, Night of the living dead. It's funny I've heard so much about these movies all my life but never watched them before.

  11. That's great! There's so many of them, don't forget Hellraiser and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it's cool to see how everything started. Like the first Friday 13th movie, Jason's not even in it.

  12. True. I have to put them on my list too. Also exorcism and poltergeist. There so many and most of them have a bunch of sequels. I have so much to watch still.

  13. There's Candyman too. Shame most of the horror sequels are pretty bad lol, but you gotta see them at least once. Good luck in your journey!

  14. Looks interesting but it's multiplayer, none of my friends irl play video games.

  15. It's a single player game, there's a cyborg dude with a dog in the portrait

  16. Try outward, not as polished as Elden but it's pretty good beyond the jank

  17. Maybe the Borderlands games, it's all about collecting and finding guns, with a lenghty campaign, lots of action and dumb humor, also Outward, Conan exiles, Dont starve, more open world/minecraft style games. The forest is also a good game for collecting and exploring

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