1. What record would we need to finish the season with for you to feel confident that we'll make the tourney even if we lose in the Conference USA tournament? Let's assume a loss in the semi-finals for the sake of this discussion.

  2. 28-3 regular season, anything beyond that will start to thin the votes out. This would mean two more losses obviously. However, FAU will be favored from here out in every game.

  3. I think I'll feel nervous with anything less than winning out. I don't know if there's ever been a 2 loss team left out by the committee but I'd rather not be the first. I much prefer your outlook though and hope it's the case

  4. The problem is that too much process is better than too little process, because it's easier to get people to agree on what to ignore than to herd the cats into all agreeing on a new way to do undefined things.

  5. At a smaller or midsize company, I've felt the opposite. Too much process at these types just slow you down whereas delivering something, even if messy, forces everyone into action mode and you're usually nimble enough to figure it out.

  6. Besides them being good wrestlers there isnt a point, you're rewarding bad behavior and telling your roster all it takes to get a push is to act a fool

  7. There's an old Jimmy Johnson quote (I think). "I treat every player the same: differently." Essentially, make exceptions for your stars. Neither guy is a serious needle mover so don't reward them.

  8. 5kl says:

    I'm interested to hear more about your issues with sizing. I know a lot of devs hate it. And for teams new to it, it can be frustrating. But for experienced teams, it should be very quick and easy.

  9. I suppose we really didn't have issues. We ran it pretty well and our estimates weren't too far off. The bottom line for us was the estimating process wasn't worth the time. Our ability to estimate sprint capacity hasn't really declined much after stopping sizing. Our development team seems to prefer to get in and get their hands on the work vs trying to think through all their questions in a sizing session.

  10. To be honest, alot of these findings are just common sense to me, but I've also been working in this way for the better part of 12 years now, so I've probably just come to normalize this.

  11. Good points and I'll clarify a couple things.

  12. Siakam, PG, Zion and Shai ahead of Jimmy is just ludicrous.

  13. SGA at 12 was shocking but then again I haven't watched much OKC

  14. In my opinion Obsidian and the "Zettellkasten" methodology is the best way to organize and manage your notes. (aka Knowledge)

  15. I've been using Notion for around a year and have recently dabbled with Obsidian. I haven't found any advantage to using Obsidian for notes. In Notion, I use relationships across Dbs and a lot of linking. It feels like the network exists just as effectively in Notion as what's over in Obsidian.

  16. I built my version of ppv from his YouTube videos. It seems I've captured 95% of the key elements while also learning a lot about how Notion works along the way. This allowed me to tweak the system to better fit my needs. It took me about 12 hours of work to watch the videos and build it out.

  17. Wow I love this, what a great idea. I am wondering how you manage to keep track of all of the little aspects separately though. If you'd feel like going into detail about that at some point, i'd definitely be interested!

  18. The basics are that each of those elements that live under a parent category are tied to separate tracking databases in Notion or to project pages. For example, you'll see the +1 for "Creating and Sharing" under Innovator. That Create and Share page links to a log where I add the thing created and shared.

  19. Just confirming, this is indeed Notion

  20. You can also add a template button for quicker creating new topics.

  21. Can you explain a little more about what you mean? Would this be inserting a page template and one click creates a new page with that template?

  22. I agree. It was greatest preshow in the history of preshows.

  23. Punk got his ass beat. Mox had to lower himself down to Punks level. Love punk but just can’t hang anymore. MJF saved the night.

  24. I'm with you. Punk can barely pull off the GTS. He's washed. At one time maybe he was one of the best but those days are long gone. Love the MJF storyline so I understand the title move but I don't look forward to CM Punk in-ring work.

  25. Young Bucks and Jade stood out to me. Athena's new wings were pretty nice as well.

  26. AEW should have a pool dive competition just for the hell of it.

  27. My wife's company is trying to force people to go to the office. But the CEO just moved to florida and is working remote. The CTO lives on a lake out west, so no one is listening lol

  28. This was the best game under Taggart. Looking forward to watching the Ohio game next week! Go Owls!

  29. Offense looked much more open with Dearmon on as our OC. Solid start to the year

  30. Recent mention by Dr. Huberman on Jocko’s podcast was that the cold between heat cycles dampens the growth hormone response.

  31. Not sure why you got downvoted for sharing this idea. I'm interested in giving it a shot as I've been alternating hot and cold for 2 to 3 rounds. I've been feeling great but always down to experiment and see if I can feel even better.

  32. Yes. Theres a bunch of filters, heating and cooling elements hidden behind the tub.

  33. Have you noticed any major increase in your electric bill? I bought the same model you have and have seen around a $100 increase each month for the past 4 months since installation. If that's the reality of the situation, I can deal with it as a tradeoff for enjoying the cold plunge after a sauna but it's a larger increase than I was expecting.

  34. And now I'm very interested in how many levels of product management Amazon has and the descriptions of those levels.

  35. Reminds me very much of a lot of the elements of the PPV system by August Bradley. For those looking for templates he offers a few for free and how-to videos on his

  36. I was looking for this exact thing earlier this week. Very interested to see what the best option is.

  37. My own personal path, head to director to sr director to VP. Similar to a few friends in product but really titles are all over the map and totally worthless. I was doing 90 percent of what I do now as a VP back when I just had a Product Owner title at a company with a flatter org chart

  38. I started using August Bradley's PPV system about a year ago. Over the past year, I've trimmed away a lot of the excess that wasn't necessary for me and added my own twists. I've landed on this one-stop dashboard that I use daily to track tasks, projects, dependencies, notes, etc...

  39. What happens when you level up or reach the top level in one category? Do you get a reward?

  40. I haven't thought too much about a reward system yet but I like the idea for sure. I'll need to come up with something

  41. 30 different channels I have to constantly monitor and 50 different direct message chains is significantly more cognitive overhead than email ever was.

  42. Couldn't agree more. My most productive and enjoyable days are the ones I don't even glance at Slack. Sure I have a dozen pissed off people to deal with the next day but it's worth it.

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