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  1. Most modern phones support wifi calling so networks don't generally issue femtocells anymore. As long as you have decent wifi across the home you'll still be able to make/receive calls and texts.

  2. That's good to know. I'm a bit worried about when we first move there as obviously we won't have WiFi yet (it'll probably take a few days or a week or two to set up with our WiFi provider) and not having phone signal on top of that worries me!

  3. Just turned 15, at the time it felt right as I was quite mature for my age and I stayed with the guy for another 2 years - but in my teen brain I just thought it was standard to be repulsed by sex (and men in general). Turns out I was gay, oops.

  4. My grandma (with a thick Black Country accent) used to say 'oowa' if she was straining to bend down or if something fell out of a cupboard, etc etc - just two examples there but she said it all the time. And now I've carried on the tradition, my partner finds it hilarious that I can't say 'ooh' without going 'ooh-ah'

  5. I'm in the process of buying my first home in Aberdeenshire. The 'shire' is beautiful and people are lovely, as for the city centre itself I prefer Dundee but that's only because shopping is better and it's not as grey. I'm yet to meet a rude Aberdonian, but then again I imagine a lot of the younger types earning the big bucks from the Oil/Gas industries probably weren't born and bred in Aberdeen.

  6. I lived in Aberdeen for a couple of years and found it a perfectly friendly place, perhaps not the friendliest place I’ve lived (Leeds takes the spot there), but seemed average for the UK as far as I was concerned. Aberdeen is far more friendly than Oslo where I grew up or Edinburgh where I currently live, which whilst absolutely beautiful and a joy to live in does seem to have an incredibly unfriendly vibe about the place, particularly during the festival when all anyone does is moan about it being busy. Maybe the reason I liked Aberdeen actually is it seems the most scandi place I’ve found over here so it feels familiar.

  7. This is part of the reason I'm drawn to it too, my partner and I are drawn to Scandi culture and Aberdeenshire seems the next best thing. We're moving to Macduff in the new year, and so happy about it.

  8. I don’t think you can in that space. In order to comply with building regs for that height you’d need a big fuck-off long ramp. It’s hard to judge from the photo, but for 7 steps, assuming a 15cm (6”) rise each would give you a 1.05m (42”) height difference.

  9. Yeah I was just going to suggest maybe a ramp of some kind instead? My partner's dad is going to take a look at it but I'm hoping it could be doable with a ramp, rather than concrete. I've seen pictures of similar looking staircases online with ramps so I hope maybe that could work 🤞🏼

  10. Coca cola came to town, diet pepsi shot him down, Dr pepper picked him up, then they all had 7up

  11. Our version included something to do with David Beckham halfway through 😅 (dead giveaway to the years I was in primary school)

  12. When I was about 9 I was placed sat next to this total bitch who thought it would be fun to play a game where I was her 'servant' and have to say yes to everything because she was the 'queen'. This lasted about a fortnight and she was really taking the piss, forcing me to give her my sweets and lay my jumper over a puddle at one point otherwise she'd tell her sister I was disobeying her and I was so terrified I just didn't argue.

  13. 2 cows in a field 1 says mooooo the other says you bastard I was gonna say that

  14. Literally! My cousin did this once when I was over visiting family in Australia. Invited me to stay the night at their place, I was expecting a nice catch up with a drink or maybe just watching a movie on the sofa - turns out I wasn't allowed to make a noise or even flush the toilet or open the fridge after 6pm in case it woke their 1 year old baby. I flicked the kettle on and was met with a death stare until I turned it off.

  15. Honestly wayfair is my go-to these days. Yes, it's the shein of furniture and yes, you get what you pay for. But I love it, it's good if you're broke but still want nice looking furniture

  16. NTA. I'm disabled (currently waiting for a double lung transplant and on oxygen) - and can't really walk more than 200m unaided. If I was in that position I would NEVER expect my partner's family to have to change their traditions just for my sake, I just wouldn't go and I'd be more than happy to stay back and watch a Christmas film at the parents' place while everybody else goes for their hike. The mentality of 'if I can't do it, nobody should' is really bitter and unfair. Plus it just doesn't reflect you in a good light.

  17. Props to the people in the queue aswell. I used to work on a till and to deal with queue jumpers, I’d just blank them and make eye contact with who was next and greet them. 99% of people were too soft to come forward and pretended they didn’t see.

  18. Genuine question, how do people feel about disabled/sick people queue jumping?

  19. 10 years ago when I finished my a levels, my English teacher (in front of the entire class) said I was the laziest, most deceptive, lying, manipulative, arrogant student she had ever known.

  20. Absolutely. The third series is where it lost all credibility. So we are supposed to believe that Villenelle us working towards a promotion into management and showing an apprentice how to kill people? Dressed as a clown? And Eve is now a low level sushi chef and occasionally the director remembers "oh yeah, these guys are obsessed with each other" and crams in a scene where villanelle inexplicably turns up on the same bus as eve and nothing happens but eve is still super shocked and scared. Wtf?

  21. Yup, I loved S1 and 2 but after two failed attempts at getting through the third season, i eventually gave up

  22. It’s great if you treat it like a ridiculously over the top silly fantasy of a show, and just indulge in the excess of it all, and don’t have any serious expectations. If you’re expecting a quality period drama, it’s certainly no Jane Austen 😂

  23. Yeah, going off everybody's reaction I was expecting some kind of Pride and Prejudice/Downton/The Crown masterpiece, and it's absolutely NOT that 🤣

  24. This is me too. I have to really be passionate about something to talk extensively about it. Most conversations with my partner are me answering 'yes' 'no' 'mmm' and her talking for at least 15 minutes about everything, without pausing. I often wonder if there's something wrong with me, but people are just different. I'm not much of a talker, she is. Doesn't mean either one of us is wrong or right!

  25. Agree with everything about Schofield, but considering there was a homophobic attack on a gay bar literally last week, I certainly wouldn't say that homophobia isn't a daily problem. Granted, that was in the US but it's still something that happened in the western world, and there are plenty of homophobes over here.

  26. I feel exactly the same. I saw a portion of a programme where she appeared to be taking the piss out of and invalidating another woman. She may have been a friend and it may be their dynamic but the other woman didn't look comfortable at all and it was so grating.

  27. Do you have evidence of your last bit? That's absolutely shocking.

  28. My partner is in hospital with his lower half paralysed after a crash, and despite everything else he maintains that having to shit himself is the worst part of every day.

  29. So sorry to hear that, sending you kind thoughts. I have CF and it affects my bowels, I've had many bowel obstructions and medication induced accidents. Once shat on a hospital floor, probably my most embarrassing moment to date. I cried after, but the nurse congratulated me (I hadn't been in 2 weeks). I laugh about it now though, gotta laugh or else you'll cry!

  30. I don’t get why people think London is terrible to live in.

  31. About 15 years ago I lived with a family member in a basement studio council flat in one of these posh streets (Gloucester Terrace in Paddington). 3 of us squashed into a tiny damp studio, it was infested with mice and the basement was so deep we had no light. Had a porch shed outside full of old syringes, junkies regularly used to knock looking for the person who lived there before us.

  32. How is it always so grimy, even when the dressing has just been changed?

  33. Saving this post for future reference - my partner and I (25F and 29F) are moving to Aberdeenshire in the new year and would love to meet some like-minded people 😊 both quite introverted, not big drinkers but into pub quizzes, games nights, musical theatre, artsy stuff, horror films etc.

  34. When you're up, if you fancy meeting up let me know! And good luck!

  35. Deffo will do! Should also mention, we have a dog so looking for walking buddies too (I can't manage walking much as I'm disabled but we still love strolls along the beach etc with our dog!)

  36. Yes, why was dog poo often white? I remember that because people would never dream of picking up after their dog. It just wasn't a thing.

  37. I remember dog poo being white in the late 90s/early 2000s - I have a vivid memory of picking up a 'stone' when I was about 4 and the boys I was with laughed and told me it was dog poo, I insisted it couldn't be and showed my grandma who told me that yes, I was holding dried dog poo. Used to see white dog poo all the time, I feel like that stopped around the mid 2000s.

  38. I gave my fiancée my grandma's ring, it fit perfectly and was the stone she had wanted (sapphire). She spent around £250 on my ring using a company I had picked (hlsk) and it's beautiful. We're broke trying to buy a house and have an incredibly low budget wedding, so expensive rings were not important. I love my ring, she loves hers. Job done!

  39. A family member of mine thinks he's a roadman, bought himself a 'bargain' £500 Canada Goose puffer coat the other day, reduced from £1200 😭

  40. What’s wrong with Canada goose i haven’t heard anything about them

  41. All their coats are made by skinning animals (mostly coyotes and geese) in horrible, violent ways. Apparently they've pledged to end it by the end of 2022 but for years they were infamous for being one of the worst companies for animal exploitation/torture.. and then charging an absolute fortune to the customer for said torture.

  42. Absolutely crumble. Preferably a blackberry crumble, but any will suffice

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