1. I used to masturbate in the shower in college. Just a tip

  2. This would have worked for me except our dorm restrooms either smelled like shit or puke or a little bit of both mixed with some herbal essences.

  3. fqo says:

    Not everyone masturbates the same way though. It's definitely possible to do as a woman without moving the covers or your body making noises.

  4. Hmmm.... the amount of time and money it would take to make that stupid cheap thing that's going to fall apart is not worth it. Might as well use that time to just manually blow those balloons up.

  5. Oooo, that reminds me of the episode with the pedophile who would pose as a cop to get into this little girl’s home, his mugshot freaked me out as a kid, hahah.

  6. Yeah, they show that episode a lot. That guy had these big glasses and seemed very nice and trustworthy too at the door. Then bam, he came in and slammed the door. His mug shot was nightmare inducing for me as a little girl and made me never want to answer the door to strangers.

  7. My friend almost died falling down a water fall. She had to get helicoptered to a trauma hospital and survived her injuries.

  8. I agree. Though we might lose a seat in congress if she leaves Irvine.

  9. Uh hello Reilyn Turner could enter the draft I think? I feel like UCLA always gets underrated when it comes to draft prospects.

  10. I always wondered how these "studies" were done by people that presumably went through several years of education. I heard somewhere about how women weren't allowed to play soccer or run marathons because doctors feared their uterus would fall out or something. Like WHY WHY WHY would an educated person even believe that female reproductive parts would just magically fall out from exercise and running? There's no scientific basis for that. The only conclusion I can come up with is men intentionally made up stories to make women so inadequate and subservient because of sexism.

  11. I have the 2020 SE and I find it a great phone. What exactly do you do most with your phone? I think that has a lot to do with people's experiences and satisfaction. I really don't do any games, videos or hardcore software on it. It's biggest energy zapper is Facetime which I use daily.

  12. Willing to bet some of these white guys have extra hair all over their bodies.

  13. Few people rented VHS tapes by then. The last VHS I rented was "Gladiator" in 2001. In 2002 we got a DVD player.

  14. VHS was still really popular. The PlayStation 2 had just launched a couple of years ago and that was one of the most popular DVD players at the time, but lots of movies were still only available on VHS and rental shops hadn’t entirely updated their catalogues.

  15. Wow, I do digital media archiving and never heard of D-VHS tapes. TIL....

  16. Bah, VHS was still kinda a thing. A lot of older film buffs like myself relied on Hollywood Video rental stores because a lot of the classic movies that were lesser known or less popular were still not on DVD. I was following Audrey Hepburn's filmography at the time, and I had to rent The Nuns Story(1959), The Children's Hour(1961), and Two For The Road(1967) all on VHS. It was hideous too because not only was it on VHS, but it was straight up full screen pan and scan(made for television) crap.

  17. Apparently Jamie Lynn is not dead(not that anyone cares) but I don't know why I would have found it unsurprising if she did pass away suddenly.

  18. My stance is that a child’s goal for the ages 0-25 is to kill themselves. It’s our jobs and responsibilities as parents to prevent them from succeeding in that endeavor.

  19. Yep, I myself wasn't really looked after as I probably should have been. I remember putting money in my mouth that I found on the corners of the carpeting and accidentally swallowing a penny and thinking I was going to die at the tender age of 5. Luckily, nothing came of it and I must have pooped it out or something.

  20. I find that once you have kids, you realise how much time you used to have for yourself and your hobbies.

  21. Back then, children were also seen differently. The old adage that children are meant to be seen and not heard is often quoted by my boomer family members. There's a lot of nostalgia memes from boomers of the "good ole days" when they used to drink water out of a hose, and they ran around in their neighborhoods under no supervision while their parents drank beer and cleaned the house. That the doors were unlocked(at least in the post WWll suburbs) and there was apparently zero crime(LOL from me). They could go to corner market in their neighborhood and buy a pack of cigarettes for their pops, etc. etc. There was no such thing as mandatory car seats for the kids, etc.

  22. Damn! TIL some men spend more money on their hair than women. I haven't had a professional haircut since 2017 but I'm a woman and it's acceptable to have long hair.

  23. Could I watch it on direct tv

  24. So you need a cable package that includes the ESPN family. The championship match will be on Monday specifically on ESPNU commentated by Julie Foudy and Jill Hildreth. Unfortunately, ESPNU can be a pretty obscure channel in the ESPN family that not everyone gets it so double check your channels.

  25. He can’t even get the USWNT to win any tournaments….I can’t even remember the last time the USWNT beat a European team.

  26. Academic ranking has been in the same tier as UCLA for decades now with fluctuations up and down each year. Bruins don’t want to accept that for some reason and like to pretend USC isn’t a prestigious world class university lol.

  27. I mean UCLA and USC are to Cal and Stanford… at the end of the day all of our best west coast schools are represented here

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