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  1. Doctors don't really enjoy prescribing stimulants but it is just a fact that they relieve ADHD symptoms the best for majority of patients. That's why they're the first line medications for treatment.

  2. Thank you your comment is helpful. I may mention Vyvanse. I

  3. I was so dismissed this week it left me so distraught. I feel a little better that I am not the only one. I would never feign this disorder.

  4. Agreed, it’s not population decline = bad, it’s population decline under our system = bad.

  5. It’s not population decline that is the problem (and in fact population decline I think will be necessary at some point), it is population decline that is not gradual that will rip the carpet out from under us. But you gotta bite the bullet at some time like you say above.

  6. If the problem you're referring to, caused by population decline, is economics, then you're correct. The biggest flaw with Capitalism is that it only succeeds with population growth. Just in the U.S., Capitalism almost failed a few times and we've never had a decline in population.

  7. Aside from capitalism, I was thinking just with all the work in general it takes to run society without younger generations, there won’t be enough people to fill those responsibilities. Now, one of the reasons antinatalism speaks to me is that I am very anti the bringing about of people just to turn them into wageslaves, and I hope a lot of crummy jobs are automated in the future, but for instance someone is going to have to be able to fix and run automated systems if a lot of jobs do get automated.

  8. Thank you for pointing this out. We should not so harshly judge sometimes. Indirectly forced breeding sometimes is a symptom of a controlling culture/religion.

  9. I don’t like that movie either. Glad you said something.

  10. I always have room for one more 😉💯

  11. Thank you this means so much to me I feel so alone and powerless right now

  12. I love hearing stories like this. Genuinely. Sometimes being in this niche viewpoint is isolating and upsetting in terms of societal lack of comprehension. Not that that's ever going to stop me from agreeing with it, but it's nice to hear stories where folks admit/ feel comfortable and safe sharing they felt another way and then learned differently.

  13. It’s probably more painful for the fetus to go through the birthing process all the tubes and things than to have been aborted.

  14. It's not any more expensive than being single, the default state of a person.

  15. Yes your post is spot on! This sub has been SO EYE-OPENING! I wish that instead of bio children being torn from bio mothers that there was more of team effort if a bio mother needed help. Like an above poster said, adding to the family, not replacing it!

  16. Very. To me there is something that just feels viscerally wrong about being pregnant. Therapy hasn't really helped. Neither have my friends' experiences; about half had bad pregnancy/birth complications. My sister's due with her first in a month or so and she's been doing alright all things considered (she's still riding a bike to work!), but I'm so worried.

  17. You said it. I almost have a vehement moral objection rather than a fear against pregnancy and childbirth because it just seems so wrong and bizarre

  18. Most of it is because Donald Trump didn't win, and subconsciously these people are getting back at the election and the democratic party by not participating in the vaccination. If Trump had won, they would have been lining up to take the vaccine. Political spite.

  19. The liberal media in the US was also very quick to blame 100% of the shortcomings in the pandemic response on Trump. Obviously he had plenty of the blame, but they definitely leaned into it much more than needed since it was the beginning of an election year. So right off the bat, the pandemic response became hyper politicized and divisive instead of an event of crisis that could have formed a united front. That, and for some reason evangelicals in the US are under the impression Trump is a Christian, so now all the trump copy cat Republicans who also claim to be Christian are convincing them it’s their moral and religious obligation to oppose things like the vaccine.

  20. Yes, at the start of the virus, it's funny, they were dividing millenials and boomers against each other. then it became political. i don't agree with the way it was handled, but I do agree that it would have been a bad situation for anyone to handle, so I don't blame the pandemic response 100% on Trump.

  21. Yes, but I think we are entitled to masturbation which solves a lot of problems without having to involve another party.

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