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  1. my severe lack of a dick. even though me and my girlfriend aren't there yet, i don't want to let her down if/when we decide to do it

  2. bro why they giving you so much??

  3. 👍😂🙃🦞

  4. girly that's not support, that's tolerance...

  5. to me it just looks like some employees trying to amuse themselves with purposefully bad spelling

  6. jesse we need to get to know each other

  7. i hate women because i the first one time is done with the school and the hall is a little bit better

  8. the general rule i was taught was to use it on A in the staff and above, though I also use it for all Fs regardless of octave and low E-C below the staff.

  9. I recommend talking to your band director about the situation, they may have some solutions for you with things like fundraising or some kind of fee reduction. Also talk to your boss about not working as much/at all during the season if possible, and give them a copy of your band schedule so they know what to schedule you around. Stand your ground and say that band is important to you, people will take you more seriously if you are firm.

  10. what's poppin? pre-t but fully out

  11. something that i tell people when i see this kind of stuff is "you don't have to respect the person to respect the pronouns" idk if it works but if you repeat if enough it might get through to them.

  12. ty, i didn't get to watch your guys' show but i bet it was sick

  13. "👍🏳️‍⚧️" well that confirms it...

  14. I almost set my house on fire with a fish tank

  15. At first it may be difficult to march and play but as you memorize your music (which will probably just happen naturally) it makes it easier to focus on what your body is doing. Also make sure there is a kind of separation between your top and bottom half to prevent the instrument bouncing. My director described as "your top half is the musician and your bottom half is the athlete."

  16. The top "slur" may just be a phrase marking so you should only focus on the slurs between two notes for that phrase. ask your director or whoever gave you the music to know for sure.

  17. on behalf of horn players everywhere, don't listen to them, sending someone an email should never warrant that reaction. personally i would be ecstatic if a middle schooler reached out to me about marching band. don't let this deter you from marching

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