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  1. Yet record number of new orders last month lol. “Fuck your puts!” -Elon probably

  2. Whether he’s for shareholders or not is irrelevant at this point. Even he can’t stop what’s coming, assuming he’s helping Wallstreet gain from his own shareholders.

  3. We’re in the endgame. We just need to let it play out. Time is the only catalyst

  4. A lof of shenanigans going on with XELA, but we are getting ready for a big pump.

  5. Wait till the new list of FTD #’s comes out. These numbers will be minor by comparison. I am curious to see what they do. Will they settle the trades or will they allow it to turn into phantom shares and pay the interest until they finally decide to settle?

  6. Lol it doesn’t need to be pumped. The entire market is upside down. SHFs are running on fumes. It’s the everything leveraged market. Once their leverage gets wiped out, you’re going to see who was short what via margin calls. Every short position will have to be closed. Their only hope is to keep the overall market afloat. Within it lies all their leverage used to short EVERYTHING.

  7. This isn’t about individual company fundamentals haha. It’s about the crime taking place in Wallstreet. If people were selling why the need to route buy orders through darkpool exchange and why let FTDs stack up? It should be a 1:1 trade but noooo they’ve thrown in all their chips in hopes of bankruptcy to claim their prize -paying taxes on gains. The company is shit but like I said that’s not what this is about.

  8. Time will tell. Definitely a lot of FTDs in this stock helping to suppress the price. Soon but not long they’ll have to settle the FTDs T-35 is quickly approaching.

  9. I barely use autopilot. Sure was fun at first but ehhh. I just like not having to throw cash away at the pumps.

  10. it had a MASSIVE pump in volume in late July. Few days were 600 million+ in volume. One day even hit 800 million.

  11. I won’t be around long enough to see that. Stop loss and set sell is a wonderful thing. What were you thinking?! Lol

  12. We’ll see which comes first. My stop loss or sell price. If it trades sideways I can play the waiting game.

  13. To date, they literally have proof every spike of high volume management sold huge numbers of shares out from under shareholders, diluting value of the stock and holding it down from ever being able to rise.

  14. Yep real estate will slowly go down next four years

  15. Lol not with this inflation. I see weekly checks going up. We living in the days when our grandparents bought homes and prices seemed high but over time paychecks surpassed those monthly payments.

  16. Rug pull he’s trying to be the hero we didn’t need.

  17. S&P to 999999999999999999! Fuck your PUTS! -JPOW probably

  18. The police woman probably needs to file taxes on her earnings

  19. The disadvantage with those two is you can’t charge to 100% RWD if equipped with LFP battery, more distance for the buck.

  20. Prison might be his only escape when his own investors come for him.

  21. That’s horse shit. I’m sure they have less people today requesting these transfers than from the start.

  22. You would think so but I'm hoping the high-volume thing is accurate. A retail-wide DRS movement for all stocks would, in theory, absolutely shit on Wall Street's ability to continue committing crime.

  23. We’ll know soon enough when next report comes out or TDA going to get an ear full from its customers.

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