1. I've seriously thought about what I'm going to do when I switch phone. Is it possible to migrate the exact same app over to a new phone?

  2. Not unless it was linked to a Level 5 ID

  3. The crank Event ended , you cant do any more of those stamps. If you want to crank , restart your game

  4. I hate that you barely played and you have a ZZ. I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS AND NOTHING ABOVE A Z

  5. How tf is that even possible. Ngl Skill issue

  6. Veel plezier, net op tijd met het “sluiten” (het sluit niet dat weet ik, maar je kunt geen tegoed meer er op zetten) van de E-shop.

  7. Me as a German who can decently understand dutch :

  8. Not really , I haven't really Heard about it that much Here in Germany and It's Not that popular either.

  9. I do too now that I read that comment ahhh🗿🗿💀

  10. I Always worry about injuring it During things like seggs

  11. You need to wait ~5h for the New points to "register"

  12. I Had a pretty Bad one when I was about 6. I was upstairs , in my room , because my parents said it wasn't Safe to come down. Meanwhile they were Just watching TV there. I remember that my sister was outside , which was when the bad stuff happened. There was a giant tick outside. It ate my sister. Somehow I wasn't emotionally affected in the dream and was later allowed to watch TV With my parents. It is really funny to me nowadays tho

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