1. Any pics of the bud? I am a little hesitant because it's new and grown by Jushi. But if it's good, might be worth picking up.

  2. How do you know this?? Please share I’d love to stay away from these companies. Insider tricks?

  3. They are a big multi state operator. Some of this info has been posted in articles about them, like the drying/curing.

  4. I would check the terps between the animals mints and skunky Jack and go with whichever is higher. I’m more of a hikers blend and gg4 from POW person myself.

  5. Sticky buns is gg4 (Josie’s cut) x MAC. It leans more to gg4 so you might like it.

  6. Every company and every position. Last year I left a lab management position at a processor for a position at a non cannabis company and my pay increased by almost two thirds! My theory is it’s just supply and demand. Everyone thinks working in cannabis is “cool” so there’s dozens of qualified people applying whenever a position does open up. Hundreds if you look at the hourly roles.

  7. As someone who ran a cultivation facility, I can tell you that there are not dozens of qualified people applying for jobs. Maybe one or two with some cannabis experience, rarely someone with real commercial experience.

  8. You guys should check out the movie Scrapple. All about getting done temple balls…and pristine mesa land

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