I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. We can't see that it's short and those bags they put the half and Oz in are heavy. Ohio rules says dispensaries can't let the patient touch the product ( which is bs). 90 percent of dispensaries won't let you touch the product. So until you drive away or b get home you won't know anything. I had moldy MAC from Standard and ZenLeaf told me the bud was supposed to look like that 😐

  2. What ever dispensary isn't allowing you to properly look at the medication, stop going to it. There is no rule that says you can't touch the medication before purchase - that is some people at some dispensaries.

  3. I medicate for complex ptsd and I find that the effects of the products in Ohio mmj are mediocre in comparison to other mmj I've been blessed to consume in the past. I had stopped for about a decade and lost my contacts. So I was tired of getting bs off the streets and decided it better to just purchase at the dispensary. Perhaps the flame thrower from days past is too potent. Don't they cap the potency in the program?? Perhaps it's my bipolar medication that inhibits the effects somewhat. Idk. My tolerance is sky high and my pockets are empty from trying to find relief from something in the program

  4. It's not you, it's what you are being offered. The program just doesn't make the high end quality herb that a lot of us in Ohio have been used to. They do not grow it for as long as a home grower would. They are dead set on harvesting as soon as they can to maximize profit. Amber trichomes do not exist in this program at the numbers you would want to see in a quality medical product and nothing has the smell that most of us would be looking for. It's why they will not offer the smell containers in the dispensaries anymore. They would have an ever harder time selling the cellulose if people could smell it before they buy it.

  5. Just think of how many more pens they can produce, by shorting every ones vapes by .16g and the profit they make by charging more than what you would pay for a full gram in another state.

  6. Is your key storage full? You xan only keep 20 or so keys. And strong hold keys are use them or lose them.

  7. My key storage is at 19 to allow for questing. It removed other keys that should have been valid. The backpack size did not decrease and I exfiled.

  8. No % cap in IL so that must be it. I’m the same with edibles so I’ll check out the RSO.

  9. I haven't found any vapes or edibles worth buying a 2nd time in Ohio from the program.

  10. WTF is going on here? If you can’t figure out how to get medicated in this program, that’s on you. OP asking for disty carts while shitting on the OH program belongs on

  11. Why are you mad at a patient for being disappointed in the low quality products that the program offers? You should be happy that the patient is pointing out shitty products and asking for higher quality ones.

  12. I wish they would offer delivery. They could make it like the money truck people.

  13. If you check the article again, I reached out the other day and they updated the article. Bullet point at the top of the article about the drive thru has been removed and it appears that they updated the body of the article to include that the bill affirms the legal ability to have a drive thru.

  14. Ohio keeps doing stupid things and more and more patients are just going to MI, finding a plug or learning to produce their own medication.

  15. Can you please describe the smell of the real deal Death Star? I think I had it when I was in high school years ago and I’ve yet to find something that dank. It was earthy, coffee and burned rubber smell to the most extreme degree.

  16. Think, sour diesel had a baby with a burning tire and that is Death Star.

  17. Yeah - there are no edibles in the program that work for me either. Complete waste of money, even if they are on sale.

  18. Here’s the thread from when they tried to claim it was a good thing and it’s because of their great hand trim process lmao

  19. It is what they said, but they also stopped responding to emails when I asked them about any cleaning procedures that they do to the flower.

  20. I didn't know anything about this but imo banana puddingtang from OCL definitely has kief dumped on it, also is their highest testing flower, was meh overall but like a pile of what looks like sawdust is on the bottom of the jar lol

  21. OCL completely hand trims. Any additional kief you see on buds has come off of other buds in the storage bin from when they move them around to burp the herb. Even the small buds are hand trimmed. They are not adding kief/trichomes to the flower at OCL.

  22. Can you weirdos stop downvoting this? I'm literally just trying to learn and would appreciate more conversation. I want to hear people's opinions and experiences.

  23. You get down voted by those that want to continue to push their over priced, low potency edibles.

  24. Yeah, I also need to stop paying attention to the actual numbers. Have had stuff with over 1% Limonene alone and smelled nothing like citrus. 2-3% terps on things with no aroma/taste at all sometimes. Also a lot can change from testing to the time we get it sometimes. Thanks for the reminder to just try things myself lol.

  25. Testing is just not that great in general. Different parts of the plant test differently.

  26. Vapcap with the FMJ sleeve. It acts as a heatsink essentially, where you don't have to rotate the device to heat it. Plus it delivers just about full extraction from one cycle.

  27. Can you open a new bug and attach a memory report from about:memory?

  28. I was hoping to avoid making an email account to be able to post on BugZilla. Is there an email address I can send the information to at FireFox/BugZilla?

  29. What additive do you use to consume this product with if any? For example, do you eat it with peanut butter on a cracker, or just raw?

  30. You can put it on something like a cracker or you can put it into capsules.

  31. I’ve been thinking about trying RSO and I’m about to pull the trigger this weekend.

  32. What exactly are you talking about? You’ve been goin on about the 600mg edible thing for days. Rso has generally always been sold as an oil for vaporization to get around the day limit. This is nothing new.

  33. Some patients did not know about them and how they could save money by using them instead of the other edibles in the program.

  34. How much does the above pictured item cost

  35. So when I saw this on the menu I couldn't wait to try it. Durban poison is one of my all time favorites. I'm huge terpinolene fan this single terp does wonders for me specially on the mental side it is the best thing for my mental health struggles, not to mention it just has me in a better mood all around plus I get some shit done around the house. Well much to my dismay there isn't a trace of terpinolene in this Durban poison. I've had it mentioned to me before I this sub but didn't pay it much mind but the conspiracy that Ohio is against terpinolene so much that strains that are heavy in it they breed it out. If you think about the few options we have for this specific terp and at times can be challenging to get. Grapehead for me is the terpinolene go to very consistent and def had the levels that I like. Ok soap box time is over

  36. Durban is also supposed to be a strain that has higher THC-V than most other strains....

  37. I did not know this and really interesting, do you know why that is? If I was to read up on this what exactly would I be looking for. Btw what I'm interested in learning is what if any other strains have characteristics like this that I might be able to look for. More cbg or so etching like that.

  38. For folks with a 'really high tolerance to edibles', this edible is still not going to work miracles for you.

  39. There is no Ohio rule about potency for edibles. The only thing stopping us from getting this in 500mg is the company itself, not Ohio. Buckeye Relief has already put out a 1,000mg honey.

  40. The issue is the maximum allowed daily dose. It is currently 100-110mg for a single day.

  41. Wait what? I need info bc I don’t want to be smoking that shit 😐

  42. Firelands and Klutch have recently had posts on the Reddit of people posting pictures showing moldy weed.

  43. This bio track manifest shouldn’t be on here this is against state protocol

  44. Wait that’s a packaging manifest for the whole shipment lol you see it says quantity 50 a customer should never have that

  45. A customer wouldn't have that unless it's a former dispensary employee or has been given the sheet (or image) by a dispensary employee.

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