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  1. Was hanging out with Matt and he wanted to send his well wishes to our boy. Also, for anyone who doesn’t know, Matt is AWESOME. Super funny and nice. You definitely want to be a fan of his. His mental/data driven brain is rainman esq.

  2. Your kindness is so welcome on the internet. Thank you for doing all of this for another human being.

  3. A starter car? THIS IS A FINISHER CAR!

  4. A photo of my latest mac and cheese

  5. I've changed my mind to: "Maybe it will look a tiny bit brutal when I see it IRL".

  6. It's come to the point we expect it now. Have they released a genuinely nice car in recent times?

  7. Well, I actually loved my black M3 G80 xDrive. It looks SO much better irl. I know the grill is hard to swallow for some (most?), but in black irl, the car looks awesome imo :)

  8. And you should! I was gonna order the new M2 until I saw the pictures. I didnt think they could mess up this bad...

  9. I was reading on the forums, that using a powerpass is a bad idea until you finish all roster quests. Apparently, it finishes all roster quests up to shushire, without rewards on them. I can’t speak this from experience, only from what I’ve read.

  10. I actually have an extra one that I’m not using. I’m in the US and can send it you’re way for the cost of shipping if they won’t replace it. Let me know 👍

  11. This is the most frustrating experience of my life. It should be illegal to charge money for this bullshit.

  12. Do you have an e-mail adres? I can't find one.


  14. I cant believe how unlucky I am with timing. Oh well... I still believe in the company. No good news seem to have a positive effect atm. Time to stick this one in the drawer.

  15. NIO has been nothing but red since I joined. But I'm still not worried. Next week will be pure gold!

  16. Nobody knows for sure when that train is going to crash. But when it does, it will go down FAST. You dont want to be on it when it goes south.

  17. We are waiting for numbers for January. My guess is it will go to at least 65 after that :)

  18. Very! But only short term, I believe :)

  19. Been a minute .. how’s nio gang holding up

  20. Good. A lot of soft hands got scared away.

  21. Are we going to see another dip? Or 🚀🚀

  22. Tom Petty might have a fitting song for today. Possibly.

  23. Nomura analyst Martin Heung initiated coverage of NIO Inc. with a Buy rating and $80.30 price target.

  24. Haha wow. I had around 40 american stocks to choose from. Of course I pick the worst one of the day. Im here boys and girls! The Jinx has arrived 😂

  25. Ja, jag fick hämta min grill på 100kg på deras lager för den gick inte få fram. "Det står grejer ivägen".

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