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  1. Same… mine was a present from my pops as I took a coding bootcamp that required a Mac newer than 2015. I had a 2012 non-Retina that I had upgraded to 16 Gb.

  2. I like to play minecraft or mudrunner when I’m exhausted but not quite sleepy. They can both be really relaxing.

  3. Steam World Heist! Honestly, it's a perfect match. And as a bonus, it's actually a really good game.

  4. I love this game. Played it a lot back in the day when it first came out and would chat with the devs on Twitter to the point the followed me. Was very kind of them. It’s not gonna blow your socks off but I loved every single second of it.

  5. Wow. This game is already so good and they just keep adding to it. These devs rock

  6. Seriously, they keep adding so much stuff either the devs are being held at gunpoint or they really love their game.

  7. There's online and local co-op, and the performance is 60 fps. It's the most fluid console version of the game because the other console versions are from the PS3/360 era.

  8. I too appreciate the answer. Gonna pick this up tonight to play with my girlfriend

  9. Collected all the badges, beat the elite four, completed all the post game content. Just need to battle Red and it’s all over.

  10. Where did you get the Black Knight with a sword? I’d like one. 🙀

  11. Jumping in the comments to say my husband is a modular synth player and would love to find other players in the area. We recently moved from Colorado and he’s trying to start a synth meetup group, too. (We are in Blacksburg, though.)

  12. It's not just a Roanoke problem but Roanoke IS one of those places where you should not expect police or other authorities to do fuck all for you except profile you moving forward for asking them to do their job and enforce laws. The last time I called them about a noise complaint they named me and pointed the people to my house so they could vandalize it afterwards. Reported that and was told I shouldn't have wasted the polices time.

  13. Can confirm. Called the cops on a neighbor who physically assaulted me, damaged my personal property and continued to harass me. Even after I filed a police report on him, the police just told me to go to property manager instead. Such a shame.

  14. I never realized how much better the Anni would look if it had a tail.

  15. New Perk: Tail: the tail allows the mech to maintain better balance. -2 when calculating PSR if the mech is falling.

  16. Should I restore my legion capital for 1 mill since it only has 15% CR or do something else with it?

  17. Do not restore it. Better yet, get the skill that randomly repairs a hull mod once a month. You can also repair the ship with supplies and it shouldn’t cost anywhere near 1m

  18. Trust me thats not bad a mistake, when I started playing battletech met a guy at local game store who told me he knee all rules and had 20 years experience. I realised he was moving units wrong (you have to declare walking speed or running speed, say he had a mech with a 4/6 walk/run he would walk the first 4 them run if needed to and yes he would apply this logic to skid rolls) I called him out when I went back and read my new rule hook and he just said I prefer to do it this way. From playing more games with him my me and my group realised he only mentioned rules when it suited him so we eventually stopped playing with him (sorry for thr long post lol buy we had this kind of situation with him where he knowly cheated with light cover for extra movement)

  19. You’re not 9 hexes away, you’re actually just 6 hexes. Because of the curvature of the earth and because I aimed low, my ac/20 is only covering 6 hexes so I only need to add a +2 Target modifier to my roll. Plus my hunchback hacked your Mech’s Windows 98 computer and shut it down. So that’s a -4 modifier. Should’ve renewed your MacAfee subscription.

  20. This is so sweet of you to do. I’m the words of Keanu Reeves, You’re Awesome.

  21. I’ve been using Blink cams for more than three years now. Because I am in a rural setting, I get lots of clips of animals crossing covered areas. Also set all settings to highest quality levels. Have never gotten more than 2-3 months from any given camera. Required batts ARE expensive. Hate the waste. Hate the cost, but consider both to be part of the cost of cam coverage. Will look into the rechargeables noted previously. Can anyone else vouch for their performance as experienced by tanzd? That would be a real plus, if it works.

  22. Want to report that I have the same experience as the person above. My rechargeable batteries don’t seem to last as long as regular batteries. And the cameras always report the batteries as being low. I bought enough batteries to have spare sets lying around ready to quickly swap in new ones and recharge the dead ones to minimize downtime. I do this maybe once a month on cameras that don’t get much use. The parking lot camera goes off a lot so it won’t make it up to a month.

  23. He’s just telling Twitter that he’s taking a poop

  24. First time checking SuperStonk today… and it’s on the porcelain throne. 👋 hey fellow duker

  25. Onetime, I got one of those same calls. And fucked with the lady on the phone. I pretended to be totally hooked. When she finally got around to asking what vehicle I drove. I told her it was a Lambo. She instantly hung up.

  26. I mean, if you've played Dread already you've already seen the culmination of the overarching story. I'm not sure playing only select games at this point will unduly influence your narrative experience.

  27. This is the most based response without a drop of ACKTUALLY diluting it.

  28. My second cat, Artemis ( of 9) was found in a Walmart parking lot on a very hot summer day. Like 90+degrees. My girlfriend thought the obstacle in the parking lot was a trash bag. But as she closed up on it, she realized it was moving with its own power and not cause of the wind. She brought her home and that’s that.

  29. Fuck, Shadow Moses with choir intro would have made the choice easier

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