1. The rest of the world would probably say the same thing to an America

  2. Pipes, I smoke mainly joints and blunts but I really enjoy a good vape or a good bong rip and never had an edible, but pipes get too hot

  3. You heard him, listen to daddy and get your ass to bed, we will be waiting to pound it later 😩

  4. Im also jewish and I live in israel and most of the people i know have a normal nose

  5. I wouldn’t know about cigarettes I’m only 15 so

  6. Good but my cousin is gonna rat me out now cause she thinks I’ve taken this too far so I’m fucked

  7. Damn that fucking sucks I hate when I get in trouble for being high while I'm high 😞

  8. Between 30 minutes to an hour after my first cig of the day which I have about an hour or two after waking up, then I have cravings again usually 2-3 hours after that and about 20 minutes after that and then I’m done for the day unless I’m hanging out with friends or lying around the house all day in which I will smoke close to a pack a day

  9. No cigarettes are good for you but some are definitely worse than others

  10. The Democratic Party is just rich people using corrupt people to convince compassionate people that they are making a change

  11. B rabbit and a rabbit,Eminem isn’t a candy,Marshall mathers isn’t a Marshall, immortal technique isn’t immortal,ice cube isn’t made of ice, Biggie smells isn’t small

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