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Kiraverse (NFT Battle Royale/Third Person Shooter) is officially partnered with Cyber Crew NFT. Assets will be usable in game!!

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  1. Translation: Goldman Sachs is holding bags bigger than Santa Claus’ present sack on the way out to deliver. They are desperate to find some Greater Fool to hold onto their stank, oozing putrescent Legendary Bag of Holding. Their loss is your gain (fingers crossed behind back).

  2. Sorry Goldman, don't have the funds to help you with those bags, I'm too busy bein balls deep in Gamestop at the moment.

  3. If only there was somewhere he could go to utilize his background in graphic design to scratch his desire to create, somewhere that he could exploit his past 18 years involved with gaming and Market(ing) to express his personal experiences and perspectives.

  4. Wow, that's just under 4 months away. Bet their sphincters are getting tight.

  5. If you're in the US, it's likely your public library system has free access to LinkedIn Learning. Their instructors are good, and there are files to download to follow along. If the videos go too slow, you can speed them up to save time. I learned enough Civil 3D (including grading) to switch over from a Revit-based job in about a month and a half or low-effort half-hour here, half hour there sessions.

  6. Hijacking the top comment to say, zero hedge and fx hedge may be Russian assets or just plain FUD. Been proven once or twice before. Quit the all caps guys, right?

  7. So you're saying the Russians want their most important ally to look weak. Uh yeah-ski.

  8. Per google there are currently around 47 million millionaires in the world, so they are expecting about 18.8 million new millionaires.

  9. I mean a global economic crash, the dow it's self dropped 554 points. Maybe we could be looking at an October gift and a Moass by winter, that 97 issue also has the moon in the back ground and one of those blurbs talked about "the end of social security" which was the only one seen in the header.

  10. Yes, I see what you are saying. Interesting indeed and so weird how all of it fits together. Thanks for taking me down the rabbit hole

  11. Two more hours of this shift and I'll be heading that way myself. Take care ape 🤙

  12. I'll give you $1.50 for Australia. Take it or leave it.

  13. When there is blood in the streets, cash will be king.

  14. This seems to be what needs to be mentioned, and I've only seen it once or twice

  15. I usually love this sub but this housing market collapse shit has got to get the fuk outta here. It’s not going to collapse. It’s impossible. This is nothing like 2008.

  16. Uh yeah, no one ever loses there job. Ice cream cones and buttercups for everyone.

  17. I wonder if they need to offload some property to cover a loan? Say a dormant movie rental company. Rhymes with Clock Duster......

  18. I own a small business. Get at least 1 call per day from some finance bros saying I’m “pre qualified for a $500,000 line of credit”. Potentially a scam, I’ve never answered. But have never got these calls until all this shit started unfolding. And by small business I mean small. $500k is way fuckin more than annual gross sales 😂. It’s so obvious at this point

  19. Why not say instead of "we need more like her" to "I have" and encourage others as well? Changes starts from within.

  20. Gee man, how many wrinkle brains do you think we have?

  21. Ahhhhh, this thread takes me back. Smells like 2006 with 2008 just around the corner.

  22. So, Cyber Crew does not offer rental options from us due to several reasons.

  23. They are gonna call it a growth depression, because seeing us suffer through a depression will get them hard.

  24. You know that part where you forget the lube, and well...

  25. Oh the irony. Apes on this side have been pouring every available dollar into GME to buy and hold the stock while our retirement money is being actively used against us.

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