We need to pay better attention to the details. The Mystery "extra shares Outstanding".

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To all shills who say a reverse split does nothing: Explain THIS. COSM did a reverse split which forced naked short sellers to close, price went from $0.33 to $23.01. (23.01 / 0.33) x 100 = almost 7000% increase in price! BBBY is probably naked shorted even more than that!

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  1. Ohh let me answer my own question = reverse split

  2. When is the special meeting or vote or whatever? Or is the date just a cut off date for shareholder voters? Like, March 27th is the cut off date for people to participate and anything after doesn't count?

  3. The special meeting and vote dates haven't been set yet, they just announced that they are planning on having them. The cut-off date for voting eligibility is March 27th, so if you have purchased shares and your broker has confirmed the trade by March 27th you will be eligible to vote. Keep in mind that it takes several days for the broker to clear the trade, so if you are purchasing shares on March 27th, the shares won't clear on the 27th, and won't be eligible to vote.

  4. Discussed in the letter that Ryan Cohen sent to the BBBY board last year. He recommended they sell BABY to raise money to pay off BBBY debts.

  5. Ah, that's where you are wrong. The shorts aren't doing this blindly, they know they have an endless supply of assholery that they can draw from.

  6. They're counting on it actually. They couldn't dilute and then short if not for you all. They make double off retail

  7. What? The shorts are in a bad position and want me to sell? Sounds sad.

  8. We don't even know the whole story yet and there is so much drama. We've been waiting for the company to make a move and now they have and it's pandemonium. Relax.

  9. You’re hella downvoted but Trimbath has always left a bad taste in my mouth

  10. Yep, I realize that she is very knowledgeable, but I'm not quite sure why everyone just accepts her word as gospel. What makes you think she couldn't have been bought off? Just because she tells you she hasn't? The woman is abrasive and condescending a lot of the time, and if she was anyone else, apes would have told her to go to hell already, but for some reason everyone just acts as if she's giving facts all the time when it's mostly just her opinion.

  11. I swear the day will come where ChatGPT will rename itself to Skynet..

  12. Somebody should ask ChatGPT whether it is aware of the Terminator series of movies and what it thinks about them. Might be interesting.

  13. I've never been so excited for FUD, haha. All of this while still having BuyBuyBaby in their possession without being sold—just wow. I respect the hell out of this move because it allows us (individual investors) to DRS longer without going on the penny stock list. If they drive the price down after the reverse split? Less of the float to lock. It gets me giddy just thinking of the pros over the cons.

  14. If they switch to Computershare that would remove any doubt I had left.

  15. No it’s mostly shills! No/low post karma and nothing but negative high comment karma!

  16. I just recycled it... dropped it in a Jordan-Melvin post 84 years ago but it was buried. Didn't think there'd be more Jordan-Melvin news, but here we are.

  17. $41b more than 2008 and the loan is for 90 days.

  18. It's the summer blockbuster that no one we saw coming for the last 84 years......

  19. If we could get Bernie Sanders on our team to look into this, something might happen

  20. Yeah, he might get another vacation home out of it. Lucky us.

  21. Its pretty bad when James Lankford dunks on you. He is not exactly my favorite senator but he was straight to the point

  22. Yeah, it's not exactly like he was pressing her either, and she pretty much wilted like a hot house flower.

  23. This is precisely why Im starting to believe they will pull this bullshit with regards to the shorts play. Something something, contagion effect yadayada now the shorts no longer exist.

  24. If you think Yellen looks nervous in her response above, let them pull that crap and my guess is that they'd be more than nervous, they'd be hiding.

  25. They do. Every time you see rates rise? They want their shares back. Rates = urgency.

  26. Would that be because the lenders don't want to be on the hook for any shares that were lent out?

  27. God damn, subscription services for funding? Jesus fucking Christ that sounds like a steaming pile of bullshit hiding a mountain of cat shit on top of a pile of rat shit.

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