1. Shadow vs Zero (I would be fine if it happened 3 seasons later tho)

  2. So they will pull another Popeye vs Saitama?.. I sure do wonder which one will it be...

  3. "yOu diSaGrEE????? WITH ME????? No way bro!!!!"

  4. I didn't say anything... Why are you acting like dickhead with something I didn't even say or doesn't even involve you? If you had a bad day at school please redirect your hate comments elsewhere and don't be pain in the ass. Peace, out.

  5. Death Battle whose used manga feats for pokemon before:

  6. Kirby vs Rimuru goes way too hard, I honestly don't mind it happening before Meta Knight vs Zero.

  7. Tbh tbh, deathbattle discord already buy him being higher than what was shown in hal vs ben

  8. Why Godzilla be looking like a generic Analog Horror monster?

  9. Because he IS looking like a generic analog horror monster. The Suitmation Trials is analog horror

  10. An Analog Horror series based of Godzilla?? Gonna go check it right FUCKING now

  11. Thanks... Now I can die in peace. (For some reason I don't like Paipah Maio)

  12. I dunno dude, I dont know alot about doctor who, but Wonder of U and Made in Heaven are busted

  13. They have nothing to do against a 1-B level character.

  14. A High Hyperverse level character loses to a Low Multiverse level character? Yeah sure, have it your way.

  15. Isn't Sonic like one of the most powerful characters in Smash Brawl as he is able of harming Tabu?

  16. Bendy gets insane shit from The Dark Revival. He is now Uni and Immeasurable.

  17. I honestly am ok with that it’d be SUCH a cool fight

  18. I just realized The Doctor looks like my English teacher lmao.

  19. What really convinces everyone here Big-ass Lizard wins against Authistic Screech?

  20. Not telling because people will start spamming... Sorry.

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