1. No lvl 300 roster? no 1490? no full lvl 10 gems? no lvl 25 weapon?

  2. If those are the requirements, then you're joining the wrong parties. Simple as that.

  3. Does Swift Fingers (Attack Speed) tripod on Paladins Holy Protection affect teammates?

  4. Most of these attack speed tripods without any say regarding groups etc just shorten the time the skill casts. So no it doesnt. The skill will just cast faster

  5. I dual main Berserker and Bard, but since warrior is excluded, I'd say Taijutsu Scrapper (70 Swift/30 Crit) would be my next choice as a DPS main. Good DPS, great uptime, fast paced like Bard, and tanky.

  6. I don't think the titles for supports are working properly. I often get it for stagger despite having only 1 blue skill and having healed/shielded a ton.

  7. the new update finally let us access the inside of our manor, and inside there is a trophy room. you'll have to do a short questline for it, but it's probably not even 5 minutes long if you just spam through the dialogue

  8. Is it just the questline or do you need to do research to unlock the trophy room too?

  9. I haven't had a bot send me mail in several months. Do other people still have this happen regularly?

  10. It started happening to me these past few weeks. Only on two of my characters though. The rest are not affected.

  11. Just started happening today. Usually not an issue because I can just end the task in Task Manager but it's not showing up for some reason so I've had to restart my PC to fix it.

  12. Not at all. Just plug it in and play. Remember to connect the monitor using either HDMI or DisplayPort (whichever it has) to the GPU HDMI/DisplayPort ports, instead of the ones on the motherboard. Afterwards, right click on Windows desktop and select "Display Settings". At the bottom it should say "Advanced Display Settings". Click it and make sure the display is set to 144hz.

  13. I only got it like a week ago after playing since launch. Just RNG

  14. im guessing some massive exploit has been found following their quick fix yesterday

  15. The quick fix yesterday was only applied to NA East servers.

  16. I am at 1200 hours, 6 characters. I pug everything and I'm enjoying this game just as much as ever.

  17. I personally would accept maintenance every night if it actually meant tangible progress against the bots. Pretty much nobody else would agree, though.

  18. Since I'm on NA West and maintenance always happens when I'm sleeping, I'd support it. NA East might too. Europe servers will absolutely not.

  19. And I hope they get spammed until ags steps their asses up and addresses this issue!!

  20. They're already aware of it and working on it. Just chill in the meantime.

  21. They told "we are working on it" about crashed and still they have not changed anything.

  22. There was a hotfix last maintenance. It didn't fix it. Back to the drawing board then. That's it. Chill in the meantime. NA West had mass disconnects back in April when no other region suffered the same. It's resolved now. This will be too.

  23. I like this better, but you need to know class symbols:

  24. For Bard attack speed, am I missing something for the 16%? I see 3.5% base on the skill itself and 8% on the tripod that maxes out at 1/1. Where does the remaining come from? Was using Inven Global

  25. It gives 8% Attack Speed when you max Heavenly Tune, the row 2 Tripod adds an additional 8%.

  26. So I'm not having any disconnect issues -- is it because I'm on NAW?

  27. The biggest regions hit are NA East and EU Central. NA West is stable from my experience.

  28. Brel will lack support so any support with the min build will be gobbled up

  29. Clown lacks supports just like any other Legion Raid. There were 5ish parties when I was looking yesterday and only 1 had a support in them. When I play my Bard, no one even checks me out, they just accept.

  30. I haven't had to wait for than 10 minutes for a support across 5 clown characters. Usually 2 minutes and I can find one. I find it more difficult to find them for Vykas/Valtan for some reason.

  31. 5x3 on my main Bard and Berserker. 4x3+2+1 on my Scrapper. 4x3 with mixed Relic on the remaining 3.

  32. You're not wrong but party finder for deskaluda is pretty barren at times and is it that unreasonable to expect a 3x3 at least in MM?

  33. Just make your own parties. Even my 1445 parties fill up in a minute or two.

  34. It's happened to me twice recently, but only on my Sorceress. Haven't gotten any of that spam mail on my other 5 characters. I just delete it.

  35. What a good gear alts. Cause my X2 1460 alts . Full lvl 5 gems and 5x3 . And 4x3+ X2 never get accepted so mathmake is the way . It take 4 to 5 min runs . My we 1475 ESO striker 4x3 +X2 lvl 5 gems also never get accepted so mm again. My main only get intoa groups. You say people not using items is annoying ....wait to get denied for turtle over 6 to 7 groups in a row for a fcking 4 min run...nah mm solves problem and it's more chill

  36. You can do whatever works for you. My 1472.5 Berserker with 4x3 (Mayhem, MT, Cursed Doll, and KBW) did not struggle at all to find a party. Level 7 gems across the board. He's 5x3 and 1485 now so I spend no time in PF. My other characters was a 4x3 Taijutsu Scrapper, also 1472.5. Seems to me like the biggest gatekeep is item level.

  37. 3x3 is fine for Valtan NM. Do make sure your stats are correct. Stats > engravings. Try to play at peak times and make or join learning parties. Valtan G1, if you don't cleanse, the blood guillotines do a lot of damage, even to overgeared players. Bring panacea and definitely try your best to get a support.

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