1. Jesus Christ just go confirm your car with the front desk stop being a little bitch

  2. Yeah I was having the same issue trying to connect to the St Louis stream with my Firestick. All the other games were fine and was able to connect with my Apple TV. Something was up with that specific stream on Firestick.

  3. Fucking Detroit fans and being willing to accept mediocrity. Name a better duo.

  4. Vet. Killian has had his shot and then some. Time to move on. We need to start getting serious with more capable vets to surround the young guys at some point.

  5. 1.5 seasons for an extremely raw project player, in a league where many of its superstars take 4-5 years to find efficiency

  6. Great. I hope he can mature into not being literally one of the worst players in the league on a another team.

  7. I get that but at same time it's opening day. I would think it isn't crazy to reward players by starting opening day regardless of maybe some metrics and such. There is a human psychology factor and not just number crunching.

  8. 43 ABs vs. righties and 5 vs. lefties for Maton in spring training. They're trying to put the players and the team in the best position to succeed. That's the reward. There's probably times when Maton can earn playing time vs. certain lefties but probably not the best in the league.

  9. Giants have had a pretty good offense the last 3 years with relative nobodies and ok vets. Team OPS and runs per game were top 10 for 2 years and top 13 last year. They somehow manage to get the best out of their players and play greater than the sum of their parts. I think that's the hope here eventually.

  10. Great, he should be able to supplement the X spot instead of it all falling on Reynolds and an unproven Williams.

  11. Jones is a Flanker Z receiver and played there for us for 4 years

  12. Hence "supplement". Hopefully Williams will be the true X that's needed but if he can't then it will be a all hands on deck situation unless we draft one.

  13. I know everybody puts sports on a pedestal but at the end of the day it's a work place for these guys. If he was having issues to the point he needed to take time off work then so be it. He was put on the restricted list and wasn't paid. I'm not sure what issue I'm supposed to be taking with it, especially if his teammates and co-workers are over it.

  14. I'm not sure what you are upset about, that triple AAA exists? I know minors aren't the majors, but you still got to have guys down there. A guy like Witherspoon could help the minor league lineup, could work as an injury or 4th outfielder call up, is at an age where theoritically they could still get better, and we got them for almost nothing.

  15. Don't you understand? These guys complaining about the moves are just Brendon Davis and Jonathon Davis truthers

  16. how many 26+ olds who haven't sniffed the MLB do we need?

  17. Get used to it. He came from a place in the Giants who were always turning over their depth. May not find sexy names but you may find a Mike Yastrzemski who has been a productive player for several seasons after being a “26+ year old who haven’t sniffed the MLB”. Or a Lamont Wade Jr who can come out of nowhere and hit 18 HRs in a season.

  18. Some people are fine paying for a service for convenience and quality. Also you try explaining to a 9 year old how to put an illegal stream on the TV.

  19. Wingenter is definitely interesting. He's got the high leverage type of stuff but just hasn't been able to stay healthy.

  20. From what I remember the blue roof matched the seats and the interior. Why it was a light blue I don't know. Maybe it better withstands the beating it takes from the sun and weather than a darker shade would. Or just looks better, more defined.

  21. I am aware of that which is why I wanted him traded before the season started; so that we could go in a different direction.

  22. I'm not against moving on from Baez but just trading him out of spite is nonsense. A down year Baez at 2.6 WAR provides more value than anything you can get out of a spiteful trade. Not to mention his ability to be potentially better than that 2.6 WAR. How long did we search for a SS to just stop being a black hole for us.

  23. New Tigers fan and pro baseball in general - any good YouTube channels, podcasts etc to follow to keep up with the team or just learn things in general?

  24. Days Of Roar, Woodward Tigers and Turning The Corner are a few other Tigers podcasts. I think Woodward Tigers has a YouTube aspect to it too but I just listen to the podcasts.

  25. Of course, not going to argue against your personal opinion. Just don't agree that we are getting less actual baseball. Maybe in a world where the players didn't progressively take such advantage of the lack of timing rules, we could have a middle ground of the leisurely pace and timed pace.

  26. Yo I got a treadmill, a weight bench, and a backyard where you can fit maybe 10 yards of playing field in. Just gotta dodge a dog poop or two if I missed cleaning it up.

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