1. ''There is nothing more pro-capitalism than poor workers. Their biggest dream is to be rich.''

  2. Makima will fuck you depending on how much of a good boy you are. I can confirm I am in a relationship with her 🐕

  3. IngSoc Oceania from 1984. The state has a 85% of the population living in abject poverty, infrastructure is close to non-functioning.

  4. Sem dúvida o único motivo que realmente me faz pensar em sair do país é a criminalidade. Você não se sente seguro em canto nenhum, intankável.

  5. It's a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ''revealed'' something to that level.

  6. As ovelhas no livro representam a população geral (sob controle do governo revolucionário), e especialmente pessoas que são tolerantes ao governo.

  7. So basically: The brazilian scanlation of the manga changed the ''The Future Rules'' line to ''O Futuro É Pica'' ''pica'' being a slang for penis. It was meant to be a one-off joke but became a big meme in the brazilian fandom. So when the pt-br dub changed it back to ''The Future Rules'', a subset of the fandom went insane and sent a bunch of hate mail and death threaths to the Future Devil's VA until he quit.

  8. And if you're wondering, people have convinced me to embrace centrism in my last post

  9. ''aiiinnn mas as autoridades foram muito brandas com us terroristes, se fosse negre professore aiinnnnn''

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