Here's Republican representative Andrew Clyde absolutely terrified on January 6th and being defended by people whose hands he now won't shake

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Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

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  1. Heavy how? I got into a while ago, never started the 2nd season

  2. The second season is where it starts to get really good and pretty dark. I absolutely love it but it gets kinda bleak.

  3. You're the worst or Bojack Horseman?

  4. A 30 year old can be a grandfather now? Lmao let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  5. That’s Thania Swain, her younger sister.

  6. It looks like Fergie cosplaying Tiffany Trump

  7. Where is this photo from? I don’t believe you


  9. I’ve never heard of any of this but googling Haggar family murder I got some stuff. are you talking about these people?

  10. I noticed the signs thing too. I’m not hearing impaired but I am easily distracted and the subtitles help me focus.

  11. You don’t have to be convicted of a crime to be fired.

  12. The only coping going on is y'all pretending Nazis are a real problem. It's a fake news Boogeyman .


  14. it is not transphobic to suggest that maybe children shouldn’t be having sexual reassignment surgery.

  15. They aren’t, you are literally mad at imaginary things.

  16. Quite a few of them have actually shared their stories with buzzfeed, along with Ermahgawd and kobucha girl. Success kid has a really sweet story; he was born premature and wasn't sure if he'd survive; when he his parents were talking about it, they said he's our success kid.

  17. Also this meme paid for his dads kidney surgery

  18. Xanax and alcohol made my husband do evil mean things that only his victims remember forever

  19. I attempted suicide several years ago by taking about 75 Benadryl (extra strength, 50 mg each) + 3 shots whiskey.

  20. Lol, so much climate catastrophizing. The earth will survive with it without us so don’t worry about that.

  21. If you’re actually trying to convince anyone maybe don’t start by laughing at their legitimate concerns for the future.

  22. Asheville is definitely "blue" but the areas surrounding it are as "red" as it gets. This distribution is generally true for most if not all of the decent sized (in NC terms) cities in NC, especially if there's a major college or university in said city.

  23. It’s pretty true in every state. Cities are blue.

  24. Welcome to the year of the racial slur word search.

  25. No one wants to do meth and ecstasy with someone unless they are trying to fuck them.

  26. So I'm not gonna sit and argue because as I said Earlier, I care more about corruption as a whole than just Biden. I will say though, it's incredibly hard to find enough evidence of corruption when the people who are corrupt control the powers (or have connections, as they're not all the president) that would be investigating them. So for example, if there's proof, or at least reasonable suspicion that some nepotism or other relatively minor corruption has happened, why would they refuse to look further? I always hear about politicians spouses our children having jobs suspiciously convenient or profitable for the politicians. Yet nobody looks into it. And when the people you want to look into control just about everything, and nobody looks into the shady parts of their lives... Our system is basically meant to be corrupt and it's safer if we assume that people are taking advantage of that position. When was the last time the lawmakers passed any sort of law that governed their actions? Why trust the people in power? Ever? Besides, shouldn't we watch every move a person makes after we hire them to work for us, in one of the most powerful positions on earth.

  27. Hunter Biden is being investigated by law enforcement right now. If he committed a crime he should pay. But it seems the House gop just want to dig up dirt and embarrass the Bidens

  28. What about the less serious crimes he committed? The ones we know he committed for certain. None of them are particularly harmful to me, but shouldn't we care that he hasn't faced any consequences? Isn't that a problem that the adult child of one of the most powerful people on the planet is able to ignore laws that would put most of us in jail for at least a year. Or do we just turn a blind eye because he's powerful and it didn't directly hurt us. Shouldn't we fight for a fair country that enforces it's laws evenly? Slippery slope to allow his petty drug use and his reckless/illegal firearm use.

  29. What crimes do you know he committed that aren’t being investigated?

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