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I needed this today

  1. I actually do wipe his paws every single time. Is it weird? I thought a lot of people do this

  2. Not weird. I use baby wipes on my dogs feet and butt if they poop. I don’t need that business on my furniture. I feel like it should be more common

  3. I’m really happy this was the first answer on here. All I needed to see.

  4. if you’re looking for luster pods that aren’t distillate it’s best to stick with BE, Klutch, and Superflux in my opinion

  5. How is superflux? I haven’t tried that brand, I’m nervous to stray from klutch and BE.

  6. A ton of whip cream and maybe some pumpkin pie who even knows. A roll. And some grapes that she puked all over the floor as we started serving dinner for the adults🫠🫠🫠

  7. We have one in honor of my husband’s cousin who recently passed this year. He was a police officer.

  8. I spent two years being the sickest I’ve ever been. Countless doctors visits and tests. The best remedy? Effexor/Ativan PRN/ and my medical marijuana card.

  9. 8 months is when I hit my breaking point after not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time for nearly a year. In the space of 4 weeks we sleep trained, night weaned, and moved baby to her own room. It was like night and day. Holy crap, the feeling of actually sleeping 5, 6, 8 hours in a row? And the progression of our daughter now that she was getting 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night was staggering. Leaps and bounds. It was a tough few weeks (and it only took so long because she was a very fast eater so I took night weaning slowly so as not to do it all at once) but I immediately wished I’d done it 2 months earlier when my doctor gently pointed out that she was physically and developmentally capable of consuming all her calories during the day. He could see how exhausted I was, and told me she was waking every 3 hours to eat, not because she NEEDED to, but because she was used to it.

  10. I could have written this myself. My husband took the reigns and had her sleep trained in about a week. GOOD LORD THE SLEEP THAT I HAD. It’s worth it mama. I too have a 3.5 year old that sleeps 10-11 hours straight every night. Maaaaybe takes a nap every so often but this just recently stopped over the summer. Before. She was good for 2 hours every day too. It was glorious

  11. We have to spell W-A-L-K. Also, anytime you making a kissing sound, the dog runs and gives you a kiss🙃

  12. I’m going to go ahead and say yeah, she let them know. She let US know.

  13. Have you tried putting it in a medicine syringe and letting him do it himself? My stubborn 3yo all of a sudden started not fighting me when I let her have control and giving the medicine herself. Obviously I’m measuring the dose etc. but just the ability to push in the syrup herself made it okay. Worth a shot, kids are weird, especially when they don’t feel good.

  14. Atheist who married a catholic(yeah, I know). I cannot imagine not letting my MIL in the room with her dying son. YTA if there ever was one. Did it hurt you in any way for her to use that ritual/practice? I’m guessing not. Pull your head out of your ass and put yourself in her shoes for ONE SECOND.

  15. Regardless of personal opinion on Klutch at this time, if anyone is interested, postings for dispensary employees and security for Klutch's new dispensaries were posted today on Indeed.

  16. Where are tou seeing this? I’d like to look!

  17. This is going to be dependent on so many things like finances and ages of the children. Like the things that we get out 15 yo tend to cost a lot more than what we get for our 5 yo. It sounds like you and your husband need to find a compromise!

  18. The compromise is I will win? LOL he’s fine with the budget he just said “I doubt we need to spend that much.” But he does not shop like I do and does not realize how fast things add up. Luckily we start the envelope system every January where add 40$ a week and by Christmas, no worries. Just was curious as to what other parents spend. First time as a mom, she’s almost 4, I still don’t know what I’m doing.

  19. $40 a week? Every week for the year? I would love to know what the 4-year old is getting as gifts, I’m a huge gift giving lover but aside from a trip to Disney or big furniture/play house situation, how many gifts will she be getting?? OP no judgement from me, just curiosity! I did the math and I wouldn’t say the budget it insane if it’s what’s you want, just wondering how it will be divided.

  20. Yes! My husband gets paid weekly. This budget is ALSO for all other family member gifts and her bday celebration with mom and dad which falls a few weeks into January!

  21. Little kids seriously give ZERO fucks if they’re walking up to a door or trunk for trick or treat. They have one goal: collect as much sugar as humanly possible while they have full permission to do so.

  22. Oh mama. Same same same. Luckily, we didn’t have to go to the hospital but it’s like one hard poop and they are over the potty. It took my girl almost 9 months of being pee trained before she actually pooped on the potty…in fact it was just this last weekend that it happened!!! We were out of pull-ups and she had to go and the rest is history.

  23. Thank you! This is great advice and something my husband and I have been thinking about too. We’ve been trying to only talk positively about poop and never shaming him but man, it’s still tough. Hopefully not giving it any attention will help him in the long run.

  24. Yes and the cosmic alignment of having no other option. I wasn’t leaving to get her any because hubby was grabbing them on his way home from work. She could wait or use the potty. It’s 100% a work in progress still and that’s okay. Just know you’re not alone in any of this. So many parents out there dealing with it. One of the bright spots of the internet is being able to talk to other parents and relate and just knowing it’s normal and you’re not alone can relieve so much anxiety

  25. It wasn’t words but my husband was in his man cave playing some video game where he was on his headset. I decided to walk down the stairs naked. His face was pure shock/joy/excitement. Didn’t say a word to his gamer people, turned that shit off and took care of his wife. I will never forget that look. Made me feel amazing.

  26. But did you ever think you could love a set of feet so much, no matter how dirty or stinky?! Baby pigs will forever be my favorite

  27. Ohhhh fellow anxious human. I feel like I wrote this post, only 12 months ago. I was experiencing so many symptoms like you. Ended up in the ER 6 times for chest pain, over 4000$ in medical bills with all the testing. Ya know what helped?

  28. Here’s what I’ve run across. I left in the Botanical section so you can avoid those. It’s not comprehensive to everything in the program, but this is a good head start:

  29. Hot damn this is a great reply! Thank you:)

  30. Medical marijuana if it’s available where you live! Saves me.

  31. My 3yo will soon turn into a chicken nugget because that’s all she eats.

  32. Just stick with Klutch my friend. Or butterfly effects. They are both lovely!

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