1. Bruh that is going to be PACKED in there. Good luck and defoliate a lot

  2. Because you can taste smell and you’ve smelled all these things before in life. Plus you’ve either licked stuff as a child or you’ve eating things with similar textures. There’s only so many textures in the world.

  3. I can’t wait to see what this looks like in about 30-40 days. The haters are gonna hate until you post the results. I’ll be following along. ;)

  4. Too heavy imo.. I take from the bottom, sparingly over time.

  5. Definitely not too heavy. Unless you’ve done this before you’ll never know. This plant will bounce back 2x as strong with 2x as many leaves.

  6. Have to press the flower not later than 10 days after chop. Gets best colour. I usually dry for 7 ish days and press flower. Get yellow oil. 💛

  7. Buy good genetics and equipment. Look up pelle polar for wash tech and mr canuks grow on yt for pressin! 🤙

  8. Love bro. I just got a pretty solid 10 ton press and I’m tryna do some good work. I got some top genetics finishing up now

  9. Medical professionals can stan Bobby Shmurda too. I’m literally only saying you and I have no idea what’s in it so neither you nor I can safely proclaim that this is safe to put in someone’s ass. I think they potential risk of yeast infection and anal rashes are not worth it, but if you want to risk yeast in your ass go ahead, it won’t kill you.

  10. Well I have ACTUALLY spoken to multiple doctors and specialists about this…so continue.

  11. Suppositories are products designed for rectal use. You cannot compare suppositories with topical salves

  12. It’s on 50% should I lower the power more?

  13. Fox farms ocean forest soil and 2 400 watt Mara hydro lights on 50% power

  14. Also you don’t need 400w in veg in that small tent. It’s too much light. Turn it down

  15. Yeah but there’s more to feeding than what you feed the plant. There’s also factors of what was already originally in the medium, also salt build up can be a factor along with just the plant just not needing as much nutrients strain dependent

  16. I understand all that but you just said “too much nitrogen” without saying why. I showed 5 buddies are professional cultivators with businesses and they said my plants loo very healthy so I’ll just have to go by that and what I see

  17. Bruh ok a few things here I was just trying to be nice and help. But since you asked your “5 professional buddies” I guess it’s cool lol…but I’m an actually professional Myself.

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