1. I'm not trying to be rude I'm just letting you know from experience it's a different process than the UK and so much more expensive

  2. Yeah I know that. Sorry you’re just coming across as quite patronising and you don’t know our financial situation so while we can’t afford anything in SE England, we can in Glasgow.

  3. Yeah that wasn't what I was implying that you couldn't afford it I simply said it's not cheap. Not everyone's a cunt 😂

  4. Probably about 300, I only have a small 1 bed house though. If I could have a library I would!

  5. He will never pay it all back and what is being paid is 9% over £27k(ish) so yeah it’s basically free money at that point.

  6. Honestly, anything by Erin Morgenstern. I understand the words separately, but have not got a clue what she’s talking about when she puts the words together in a sentence.

  7. We are not the biggest fan of English settlers driving the bloody house prices up!

  8. I’m Scottish, from Glasgow and moved to south East England about 13 years ago. I noticed a few things:

  9. The most common accent in the UK is spoken by less than 6% of the population

  10. I've had this debate on here before, it's amazing how many people not only don't know this but also adamantly deny it's true

  11. It’s mad. The passport literally says ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ lol

  12. Yeah so if you cant afford the one off wedding then how can you afford the ongoing costs of the kid…

  13. That's not really how it works. Different priorities for different people.

  14. Which months have 30 days and which have 31 days. I’m only ever sure about February because it’s a freak.

  15. Brewer here, on average my brewery spends ~$10-12,000/yr to replace glassware. Sure some of it is broken but the larger percentage is just theft. And since COVID hit, getting glassware back in stock on time is hard. So why pay for it? Because if you do it enough that’s gonna be your only option.

  16. If they do something that isn't to your preference don't make a major deal about it, just fix it yourself. Examples being like loading the dish washer a different way or not putting house keys away in the right place

  17. Or just ask nicely to do it differently/correctly. The key is to not moan and complain about something not done to your liking.

  18. Or if you arent content with how they do it, instead of trying to get them to do it your way, do it yourself or accept there are others it can be done.

  19. You clearly have never lived with a man who half arses everything so he can get out of cleaning.

  20. Guess no one told you guys if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  21. Money. People like money. And sensible working hours. And realistic workloads. Beyond that, it's a waste of time.

  22. It seems they are terrible! I’m so glad I asked on here first. I’m going to go in a different direction for sure.

  23. Ask your employees what benefits they would like to see. Much more valuable than asking Reddit

  24. Heard someone on a bus once say to their mate next to them “well that’s not exactly how he said it, I’m just parrot phrasing” which I thought was excellent as it also kinda makes sense.

  25. The majority of workers think that if you're on 50k then you're loaded and have more in common with millionaires than the average worker. It's nuts really, 50k isn't even a lot of money today.

  26. I don’t agree with the article and think we should all be supporting strikes but £50k is a lot of money.

  27. We are in the midst of a housing crisis. Fuck off. Visit by all means but unless you have something of value to add then what's the point other than exacerbating the situation.

  28. I wouldn’t feed my cat any of this. Food filled with fillers and about 4% meat content.

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