1. Day 4 of induced fruiting conditions. Looking at these little one that popped up in the last 24 hours... are these aborting? They have grown some but obviously small compared to the first ones to emerge.

  2. In my (limited) experience it takes several days to positively ID aborts. Some mushrooms will take off fast and others will grow very slowly. I have a lot of growth disparity in my tubs, but many of the little guys eventually do take off. The aborts stopped growing completely and the caps were quite darks after 3-4 days. I didn’t take them out for another few days. A week in all and they still hadn’t started to rot so I harvested and dried them. My point is there’s no harm leaving them in until you’re absolutely certain. You have more time than you think before they rot.

  3. A psychologist might ask if you're dealing with a subconscious thought process in which you question the reality of how your world operates.

  4. Politics and power. We voted for who gave us the most cookies out of the public cookie jar and now everyone wants more "free" cookies. No way to stop it with a constitutional amendment at best or a revolution at worst.

  5. I'd recommend Adaptive Cacao from rootsapothecary. It has the fruiting bodies of Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane, and Cordyceps. Also has Ashwagandha( not a mushroom but still nice.) It's completely replaced my morning coffee/caffeine addiction.

  6. Dry fren. Give it a little spritz and try to keep the lid closed

  7. I didn't. I just travel a lot and having lounge access as a perk would have paid for itself rather quickly. Not anymore though

  8. Get an AMEX. I've never had an issue using Priority Pass or my Amex card for lounges here or abroad.

  9. Found this jar hiding in a closet. I don't even remember injecting spores. Crazy. Look at all that liquid! I drain my grains so the moisture is minimal. I don't even know where all the moisture came from. Crazy! Burying it in some wood chips outside on the off chance something good happens.

  10. I'm still new to growing but I've read that it may mean your tub is too dry and the material is pulling away from the sides.

  11. Here is a link to show you how it manipulates your pieces. If this link works you'll see the photo of the piece i made and then the AI manipulation.

  12. Yes! It's so neat! I've taken some of my work and uploaded it and added words then the AI can take the work you've done and alter it. I really like it!

  13. I would try upping the temp first before going that route. It’s likely if one or some are working then they will all work. This happened to me with my most recent jars, I thought that one didn’t work but sure enough the myc came and then I broke and shoke and now all jars are close to done

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