Nebraska Dem with trans son vows to block all bills: "No one in the world holds a grudge like me"

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  1. Natural fluoridation in the water can lead to brown-stained teeth but also create crazy strong teeth.

  2. He wants to use a sod cutter. And possibly recycle your sod for someone else's lawn.

  3. A frozen log of feces and a bedpan would be better imagery.

  4. Say something like, "God, I was hoping to walk down the aisle with someone dumpy and boring. Then I wouldn't have to worry about looking good and being charming all day, but then here comes the one woman who makes a bridesmaid dress work better than anyone I've ever seen. WAAAAAY to ruin my game plan."

  5. There is no such thing as pausing puberty. You are spreading misinformation.

  6. Bzzzt. Actually, you're wrong. And making false statements.

  7. “Gender affirming care for kids”: using chemicals and surgery to castrate children too young to grasp the consequences. It’s child abuse to castrate children. Really disturbing to see so many ideologs here promoting the castration of children and the self proclaimed “petty” and begrudged hijacking of the political process by the extreme minority.

  8. This is at best uninformed drivel and at worst fear mongering hate.

  9. He was jumped in college more than once, apparently.

  10. Usually because compared to the average civilization of the European continent where written language has been around since the countries involved were conquered by the Romans, it is true. The native cultures of the Americas were subjugated and purged by Europeans in both terms of Manifest Destiny and imperialist ambitions. Germans were complicit in a great many of these purges as an immigrant group.

  11. Because they were originally handwritten that way. All fontography follows from handwriting, calligraphy, and hand lettering in convention of letter appearance.

  12. If there's another stall available and they chose the one you just came out of, you don't need to tell them. They know.

  13. I keep saying this, but it's the term used for any product in development.

  14. Mein Trumpf is currently in the beginning stages of being written from prison.

  15. Every time I see a picture of T****, he looks more like Mr. Garrison.

  16. There aren't many Latinos in Toronto that I encountered but those I did meet and got to know were all conservatives. Very simple reason-they were all family people and Christians to one degree or other. They saw what Liberals are doing for last few decades and were very much opposed to it. Many of them have seen socialism destroying their country so yes,they have very good reasons to be conservatives.

  17. I would feel bad for them except I'm not going to bother.

  18. Wow. I mean, I'm not sure you understand what you sound like, but it's nothing positive, intelligent, or even remotely close to being a decent human being from almost every other perspective.

  19. If only there had been a way to let them know you were ripping it out because of them. I would have put up a sign.

  20. Heh. I had kids steal cherries from a dwarf tree. So I moved it. They complained. I explained that my yard is not their yard.

  21. Tear off my mask and complain that I would have gotten away with it…

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