1. That’s normal because in Germany usually before you cab start a business you gotta proof that you actually can do it and don’t just ruin peoples life by making stuff up and ruining them ob e.g. a construction work that you are not capable of doing.

  2. It never was about GS wins unless you listen to 14 year olds who will favor anyone who wins at their time. Clear personal bubble problem

  3. Yeah. Greatness is more than GS wins and stats anyway.

  4. What the actual f ist denn das für eine Frage? BDA weil der ganze Post Unsinn ist

  5. I'm 1580 and have that plus the expansion... and I still don't so ??

  6. There is a crucible quest you need to do first from Saint 14

  7. What's the quest called ? Cause when I go to him all he has is rank rewards nothing else

  8. Search through your quests, if he doesn't give you the quest you either have it or completed it. I don't know the name but you it's sold related to crucible. Kill enemies and stuff. Now that I think of it you might actually have delete the quest once period in that case you need to go go to the quest log thingy at the Tower beneath the postmaster

  9. Don't think that's true (7000 points, let alone 70000). But so what? It is true that Alcaraz's current results don't get him to #1 at basically any time between 2004 and 2021. But it would have gotten him to #1 in a lot of the 90s and early 2000s. It happens. It's not Alcaraz's fault Djokovic is banned from half the Tour or that the ATP decided to strip ranking points from Wimbledon, or that Nadal is 36 and can't play a full schedule, or that Medvedev has had a relatively crap year, or that Zverev got hurt at the French Open and missed half the season. Change any one of those things, Alcaraz might not be at #1 now, sure. But Alcaraz has done enough to take advantage the situation, including winning more slams and masters tournaments in one season that Dimitrov has done in his entire career.

  10. What do you mean "let alone 70.000"? Nobody mentioned 70k

  11. Nope. It's not even net high . It's a sports Reddit. Common.

  12. There was a poll on here the other day, something like 30% of people play and watch tennis the vast majority just watch

  13. Everyone can jump up 40cm mate. That's not a difficult task by Any means. Of you are really saying the people who here are 10 to 60 years of age (pool the other day) can't jump up 40 centimeters, device which was the point of the comment I answered, then you are clearly denying reality. Besides even if that poll was representative and not only the kids voted who check Reddit every day, doesn't mean they don't do any sport.

  14. Ja. Aber warum muss jeder diese Produkte akzeptieren? Nur weil sie sagt, sie versteht nicht warum man sowas essen will, heißt das nicht , dass man das nicht darf. Ich verstehe es auch nicht. Bin kein Veganer aber ich esse fast nie Fleisch und manchmal Fisch. Die meiste Zeit esse ich rein pflanzlich aber ich will diese fake Fleisch/Wurst/Käse Produkte nicht essen. Wenn ich mich schon entscheide gesund zu essen, dann richtig und nicht mit diesen hochverarbeiteten, übersalzenen Produkten die dazu getrimmt wurden wie ein Stück Fleisch/Wurst/Käse etc zu schmecken. Ich glaube es muss noch eine Menge in den Köpfen passieren damit alle verstehen, was gesunde Ernährung wirklich bedeutet. Fleisch nachzuahmen ist es aus meiner Sicht sicher nicht.

  15. Dir ist vielleicht nicht bewusst, dass es Veganer*innen nicht um gesundes Essen, sondern um das verhinderte Tierleid geht. Wenn man dann dazu noch auf gesundes Essen Wert legt, wirst du auch keine vegan lebende Person treffen, die diese Produkte kauft. Aber vegan=Tierrechtsbewegung, nicht= Ernährungsform. Ich mag Pizza mit Käse drauf, wegen Geschmack und Konsistenz. Warum sollte es das nicht auch ohne Tierleid im Sortiment geben? Finde ich die bessere Frage.

  16. Dir ist vielleicht nicht bewusst, dass es nicht den einen Grund gibt sich vegan zu ernähren. Meine Frau ist selbst vegan und ich esse seit 15 Jahren kaum Fleisch oder Milchprodukte. Und gerade weil vegane Ernährung gesund ist will ich nicht zurückfallen in alte Muster und diesen hoch verarbeiteten Schrott essen. Tut mir leid wenn das nicht mit deiner Art zu leben und sich zu ernähren übereinstimmt.

  17. We still using these lil nicknames?

  18. Heard all of this is various videos either from the YTber or as a comment. I'm not buying the 'parallels'. They seem much more bend or constructed to fit the narrative of a similarity than being real parallel. You could find several similarities for every arc. Thriller bark also was a ship, not as island. I think it will be a unique arc that has nothing to do with thriller bark

  19. Living in Germany has really enlightened me on how idiotic patriotism is. What a mind F**k it is growing up in the US. Now when I see children doing the pledge of Allegiance, I get physically ill. -A U.S. Veteran

  20. Hear hear. Hats off mister. Exactly what I say about Nationalism which is more or less the same

  21. Exactly. What are people doing the whole day. I don't even know who this is.

  22. Prolly the same people watching twitch streams for hours while spamming dumb emojis

  23. No! Once in the mcu u don't just get to leave us hangin

  24. When you understand nothing on TV is real (besides maybe PBS) then you'll start looking at things differently

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