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  1. Not really, Rukkhadevakata turned into a child ( Nahida) only after he died and when she was found she was immeadiatly taken in by the scholars and trapped in a tower so theres no way he would've gotten to know her personally.

  2. But he could put 1 and 1 together and it would be obvious she is the OG archon.

  3. I mean he could if was actually allowed to see her? Nahida is locked in a tower so Al-Haitham can't deduce if she's Rukkahadevakata as he doesn't even know what she looks like. If you read my comment before she only turned into a child when he died ( if he is the scarlet king)

  4. Since it was two years back I feel like it was Soraya rather than Al Haitham. Especially because since we can even find her in Liyue and she is a scholar from Sumeru too.

  5. hxg already clarified Zhongli and Alhaitham know each other, Al haitham is a scholar from Sumeru, its not hard to put two and two and together

  6. Hmm...It's possible, but wouldn't we rather use the term that, "lies remains of.." if he was dead

  7. " where the scarlet king rules" would probably be the more correct term if he was actually alive and actively still ruling.

  8. no, that’s a different guy. they’re spelt the same in English but transliterated differently in the original Chinese text.

  9. Yep Cyrus is different in Chinese it's Kourosh which is a persian name meaning lord of the sun .

  10. I'd personally like to hear about the " Cyrus" character mentioned in Lisa's character story. Sus leakers haven't mentioned him yet and hopefully he isn't an npc.

  11. I wonder if the hydro archon will also be original. I genuinely can't think of any honkai character that would fit the role 100%.

  12. It seems he may show up in a cutscene in 2.8 ( perhaps a story like cutscene like how Raiden and Sara showed up? ) dataminers found a cutscene file titled with his name Al-haitham

  13. Knew that leaker was false when they said " amber would talk about collei's boobs being bigger" glad such a troll was debunked quickly

  14. I'm actually curious as to why I've seen people claim that Sumeru is solely based of India when all the leaked characters have either persian or Arabic names with the exception of Cyno whos name is Greek.

  15. Not surprised unfortunately pale is considered the standard of " beauty" in China. There's a lot more brown/ light skinned chinese people yet mihoyo only chose to represent pale with the exception of Xinyan

  16. I can't post the image properly for some reason but Blank just clarified on his server that this is questionable info and that there is no current in game data supporting this evidence and its from his own source.

  17. For the replies confused Nahida is most likely her real name as kusanali was more a title.

  18. That makes me wonder if ( theory time) the previous dead dendro archon was based on the Ahuru Mazda ( lord of wisdom ) in some accounts he was Anahita's father.

  19. But Soutine is strictly a boys name which is just weird to give a femme character out of all names.

  20. welp guess it’s time to accept that we’re never getting an archon interaction until end game

  21. Idk how you came to this conclusion from seeing Ayato and Ayaka drinking tea

  22. Well, we could only wait for Honkai's CN stream tomorrow, where they will most likely tell us the names

  23. Honkai 5.6 Livestream - ELYSIAN REVERIE

  24. Every inazuma character will be at the event including yoimiya

  25. ACK, thought so. Was hoping he's not but I guess he is until further leaks prove otherwise. Just needed confirmation! Thanks for the response!

  26. Deleted my reply but I think I may be wrong apparently that doesn’t actually indicate what his weapon is and may have something to do with his skill/burst I’m still hoping he’s a catalyst though.

  27. Feels like they should have saved this design for a scheznayan character. It's not bad at all but it just doesn't suit Liyue. Kind of like how Baizhu's outfit is more fitting for Sumeru.

  28. 3.1 should be the dendro archon Kusanali then if they keep up te trend with archons coming in the .1 patch.

  29. Nothing can ever powercreep Ayakas iconic wet socks performance

  30. It's not his real name just a title he gave to himself inspired off Kabuki villains. Ei gave him a real name but he can't remember because it was so long ago.

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