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  1. It says Leave it to Beaver on the outside, and sex dungeon on the inside. What's up with that brown sofa?


  3. Awakening!! @ the Wynn.. be prepared to be entertained 💕

  4. Have to disagree on this one. Saw it a week ago. The moving stage and special effects were great but the performance was severely lacking.

  5. Penn and Teller is the best magic show that is not on the strip. Worth every cent! They even do meet and greet after the show!

  6. Just saw the show today. The stage and special effects are 10/10. The story is a 4/10. The magic tricks are lame and feels like it was added just so that they can say it is sort of a magic show. There were no acrobatics and the dancing was about 6/10. I would not recommend seeing it, spend your money elsewhere. Bring back Le Reve

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