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  1. More disposable income than every European country, including the wealthy ones like Norway and Switzerland.

  2. Legitimately suprising as an American. I make around $50k in America, roughly the median income, and being able to afford more than a room in a shared house in the exburbs would be a stretch. I will not be able to afford a one bedroom apartment even in the suburbs because those would be over a third my monthly income. It's honestly crazy that we have higher than Europe. And I live around a medium sized city (DC).

  3. Worst thing about Phoenix is they don't even have an Amtrak station. The fifth-largest American city!!

  4. Nah I'd say the worst thing about Phoenix is how hard it is to get around. I haven't been there since I was a kid, but from what I remember the person who designed the city did a horrible job. It doesn't even feel like the city because there's large highways that cut right through the city and no clear road pattern/ grid layout, the houses and businesses are so far apart that it is very difficult to walk anywhere even not counting the heat, and while they technically have a metro system, it won't take you most places you'd need to go even within the city limits let alone the surrounding area. And because the ground is dry and hard, their trains are above ground even in the middle of the city, in the center of freaking roads.

  5. I sat next to a Philadelphia police officer at a graduation dinner for his son. It took the officer only about ten minutes to be comfortable enough with me, a person he'd never met before, to boast to me about the rough rides that were part of his routine work in the city.

  6. Makes sense it's Philadelphia. I remember my father once saying that that's the only city he's seen police brutality by a cop on a horse.

  7. Yeah, they were nice and definitely very cool as far as cig gimmicks go, but I could never smoke an entire pack of them before I got bored. In the same with vapes now, needing to have several with different flavours to prevent me from getting bored of them.

  8. Where are they banned? I have seen them in Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, and I believe DC.

  9. Not everyone is happy living in a room in a shared house as a working professional. I’m not saying that it can’t be done but it isn’t the typical CoL.

  10. I thought that is more or less the norm/ expected. Everyone I know either lives with family, their spouse, or does that. I've always assumed one bedrooms are for the rich.

  11. I know many people that are nurses or other professionals that live in either a studio or a one bedroom apartment. Outside the area that is much more common, which is even more of a potential shock for someone moving into the area.

  12. Nurses make good money, from what I hear their salaries can go over six figures with overtime.I only know the real estate market in this area though, like everyone I've ever known other than a few relatives lives here so that's my only reference.

  13. The "Mid" in Midwest refers to the fact that that part of the country is terminally Mid, not relative location.

  14. I can’t tell if you’re being ironic, but Missouri is Midwest because that term arose by it’s historical location during US expansion. Further, today’s “Midwest” refers to a relative cultural delineation, which it maintains.

  15. It made sense to me, a lifelong virginian. Of course it's the Midwest, it's in the middle, and west!

  16. I walked through the Manassas location.

  17. Not to mention Amazon's labor practices. At least Giant and Safeway are union.

  18. I think you're thinking of like mezcal, whiskey can be sweet or smokey, earthy, spicy, with notes of vanilla or honey. Yeah it's alcohol, but gasoline isn't what it tastes like.

  19. I wouldn't say gasoline. It tastes like what it is, alcohol that had time to soak in burnt wood. Not a desirable taste in my opinion. I prefer Vodka, especially since whiskey hangovers are the worst in my opinion.

  20. Planned Parenthood used to. I haven't needed it in a while though.

  21. The hospital system I worked at had multiple buildings/ locations with over a dozen floors. And the second digit in the room number usually signified either the hallway or section of the hospital the room was in, it didn't just count up from 101 to 199

  22. Used to work at JLR. The engineers had the capacity to learn and fix things. It was the bean counters who stopped it. One reason I left the company.

  23. God, trying to make a reliable car working for JLR must've been like trying to conduct a fair election in the DRC.

  24. Why do people in trailer parks have kids with their cousins?

  25. Ignoring the obvious classism of that statement, the benefits of fucking in a trailer are that the two bedrooms are on opposite sides of the houses, so nobody hears each other ;)

  26. Makes sense. From what I hear they get real pissy if you leave them for another government.

  27. I don’t know but I was stopped by people at Mason when I was going there in 2011. They were claiming god was here in a male and female form and ask me if I wanted to meet them. They were dressed very nicely and looked professional. Shit freaked me out.

  28. I'd never heard of Baked Alaska my whole life before your comment. I just looked it up. Oh my

  29. Me neither. I initially thought he was suggesting we should start microwaving prominent white supremacists, which I honestly wouldn't oppose.

  30. Basically bc it’s so recognizable. It’s the watch to have if you wanna show your less informed friends that you’ve suddenly got a few grand to blow on a watch.

  31. Damn I know I'm broke when I thought "damn I wish I could afford a $10k civic".

  32. There's no legitimate reason any corporate job can't be fully remote if they wanted

  33. I honestly don't get the appeal of remote work other than saving gas. Like unless you're wealthy enough to have your own house/apartment, why would you want to dedicate a good portion of what little living space you have to a home office? Especially if you're a couple. And I'm not a particularly social or extraverted person, but it would still be emotionally draining for me to basically have my life be going from my bed to a desk 5 feet away 5 days a week.

  34. I don't think so about the first one. I've set it multiple times within the last week and it keeps going back to saying it's the previous day.

  35. Other features 12/24-hour format *Though this watch is designed to withstand exposure to magnetic force, you should still keep it away from machinery and appliances that generate a strong magnetic field. Exposure to strong magnetism can cause timekeeping to slow, affecting timekeeping accuracy. Regular timekeeping: Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, second) Digital: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day

  36. Yeah, I just don't know their definition of "strong", and the fact I only started to notice irregularities over the past week

  37. Is there a reason you would want to quit? I did all of my college while working a full time job (sometimes with a part time thrown in). I'm not saying it was easy, but hell if I could do it then I think just about anyone can do it.

  38. I would like to quit because I want to move to another city. I live in a fairly high cost of living area, and unfortunately I've struggled with depression since early adolescence, and because of that I don't think I'll learn well switching between graveyard shifts and studying alone in a rented room in the exburbs.

  39. As someone with similar issues/disabilities, I understand.

  40. Yeah that's my plan. There's a community college with an IT program and decent IT opportunities. A quick look on indeed seems like they are less plentiful, but at the same time most don't require clearences or many years experience so it should be relatively easy to find a job there. Especially since I should be, in theory, competing with a smaller amount of people.

  41. I actually was about to pick up golf to assist with my career. But then I did some research heard a couple things that sounded true and weren’t flattering regarding their effect on the environment, and realized I’m not giving money to golf courses, no shot.

  42. Who makes porn, many of which feature just legal women

  43. Isn't older men having sex with multiple young women/ girls pretty much foundational to Mormonism?

  44. Honestly, at least in the USA, police are awful at identifying anything that’s not an American car.

  45. That's honestly crazy if you think about it, since American makes are a relatively small market share compared to Japanese.

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